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RingCentral Phone - Secure Voice Overview

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SummaryWhat is Secure Voice?
RingCentral has recently implemented a number of server side upgrades to improve the service for our small business and enterprise customers.  Some of these changes affect how endpoints (e.g. desktop IP phones, conferencing phones, Analog Terminal Adapters (ATAs), soft phones, and mobile applications) will communicate with the RingCentral cloud servers as we roll out these capabilities to our customers.  These upgrades were necessary to provide a number of immediate and future benefits including improved signalling reliability, more robust network security, and improved efficiencies in how endpoint devices register and communicate with the RingCentral cloud servers.

What is Secure Voice?

Secure Voice is a new feature for RingCentral that offers improved call reliability as well as offers enterprise-grade encryption for voice calls to greatly improve user privacy and security.  

What must I do to prepare for this change?

Before your account upgrade date, IT administrators should update their firewall settings to ensure a seamless transition to Secure Voice.  Secure Voice requires the use of slightly different IP ports to make use of the new protocols and to communicate with the RingCentral network.  If you want to enable Secure Voice for your account, contact RingCentral Support.


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