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RingCentral Community Overview

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SummaryHow do I use the RingCentral Community?

What is the RingCentral Community?

The Community can be your first choice in obtaining product support. It is a 24x7 forum that contains over 1000 discussion topics and is growing every day.  You can ask questions, answer them, share new ideas, access training material,  and learn more about the product. Community members consist of RingCentral Partners, Customers, Tech Support Agents, and Product Managers.  

We have recently updated our Community and improved the content and organization to make the Community easier to use and faster way to access help when you need it. There is almost no question that has not already been asked, which means you can often get help faster without having to call or open a support case.

The new Community website has been optimized for your mobile device.  The website is built with a responsive design, which means that it self-adjusts for smaller devices such as tablets and smart phones. It is not a separate scaled down less functional mobile version. This means you get the same functionality as when using your desktop computer, just in a more compact design. You can still search for answers, ask questions and share ideas when you are on the go!  Just bookmark www.community.ringcentral.com in your mobile browser. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help, or ask a question?  

1. Type your question into the main search box and click the search button like shown below.
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2. If you do not see an existing topic related to the question you are asking, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Continue Creating Conversation” button. 
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3. Just complete the fields on the following form, including additional details and a more detailed description of your question, and click “Post”.
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I’m getting too many results. How can I focus my search?

Narrow your search by clicking the Categories link on the top menu and selecting the category most closely related to your question.
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For example, you would like to know how to change your payment method, you can click the “Billing” category, and type “How do I change my payment method?”  
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This will isolate your search to only topics under the Billing category rather than the entire Community

How do I access support or training material? 

From the Community Home Page, just click Categories > Training Resources. From here you will be able to access downloadable guides, view videos and pre-recorded webinars and even sign up to attend future Webinars.
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