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Admin: Voicemail Preview Overview

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SummaryWhat is RingCentral's Voicemail Preview feature?
RingCentral's Voicemail Preview is a feature that allows Users to preview the text transcription of voicemail messages. The Voicemail Preview feature is available to RingCentral Office Ultimate Edition subscribers only. 

Key Features and Benefits

• Automatically transcribes voicemail to text
• Read your voicemail when you are not able to answer the call
• Allows you to screen messages and reply to the most important call first
• View the message from your Email, RingCentral Mobile App or RingCentral for Desktop

How does it work?

When a voicemail is received, the message is translated and displayed in your Email Notification, Mobile App and RingCentral Desktop App.
Example: A sales agent cannot answer calls during a meeting or at a restaurant with a client. With the Voicemail Preview feature enabled, he is able to "read" the voicemail messages from his RingCentral Mobile App.

How do I enable Voicemail Preview?

Enabling Voicemail Preview for Queues / Call Groups
Enabling the Voicemail Preview of another User

NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps below, make sure that you are already logged in to your RIngCentral Online account as an Administrator. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know more.

Enabling Voicemail Preview for Queues / Call Groups

Step 1:

Go to Phone System > Groups. On the Call Queues tab, select the Call Queue that you want to modify.

call queue

Step 2:

Under Messages & Notifications click Voicemail Preview.

Messages & Notifications

Step 3: 

Select On to enable this feature, and then click Save. After clicking on Save, you will be routed to the previous screen, where you have to click Save once more.

turn on voicemail preview

Enabling the Voicemail Preview of another User

Step 1:

On the Admin Portal, go to Users > select the User from the User list.

select user from user list

Step 2:

Select Messages & Notifications and click Settings.

Messages & Notifications - settings

Step 3:

Toggle the button On under Voicemail to Text  to enable Voicemail Preview.

enable voicemail preview

More information on RingCentral's Voicemail Preview

• Voicemail to text conversion is not instantaneous and may delay the delivery of the voicemail Notification Email (depending on the length of a message)
• Voicemails are converted to text using an automated machine based process that is not 100% accurate. Accuracy of the conversion can be influenced by the accent of the speaker, the quality of the connection and other factors.
• Voicemail to text conversion is limited to the first 60 seconds of the message.
• Short voicemail messages (less than 5-6 seconds) will not be converted to text.

Voicemail Preview Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the transcription of voice messages accurate?
A: RingCentral use a state-of-the-art machine transcription service to convert your voicemail messages to text. The quality of the transcripts varies depending on the caller (pronunciation, accent, etc.) and the background noise

Q: Why isn't all of my message transcribed?
A: Our Voicemail Preview service provides a preview of your voicemail message for the first 60 seconds only. If any voicemail message you received is longer, you will only read the transcription for the first 60 seconds. (The average voicemail message is about 30 seconds long.)

Q: As an Admin, am I able to turn on the Voicemail Preview feature for my entire company at once?
A: This is currently not supported. Each User or Admin will need to enable the option for each phone number or extension.

Q: Can the voicemail transcription be sent as a text message?
A: The voicemail transcription can be viewed directly from the RingCentral Mobile App and RingCentral for Desktop for Office Ultimate Edition customers once it is enabled. We do not offer duplicated option to view the transcription as a text message.

Q: Am I able to enable or disable Voicemail to Text on my RingCentral for Desktop and Mobile App?
A: No. Settings are available in the apps, but you can enable or disable the notification by logging in to your RingCentral Online Account. 

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