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Setting RingCentral for Desktop as the Default Calling and Faxing Application

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SummaryHow do I set RingCentral for Desktop as the default calling and faxing application?
The RingCentral Desktop App's Click to Dial feature allows users to automatically launch RingCentral for Desktop to make calls or send faxes by clicking on a telephone or fax number on websites that support call:to, Tel: and fax: protocols.

Example: <a href=tel:+8888984591>Call us free"</a>

Enable Click to Dial

There is no need to highlight the phone number. Just hover your mouse over the phone number then click it. The number should automatically appear in the RingCentral Desktop App's dialer. 

NOTE: You need to make sure that the RingCentral Desktop App is logged in for the automatic launching to work. 
To enable Click to Dial, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Launch the RingCentral Desktop App and Log in to your RingCentral Desktop App.

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Step 2:

Click View Settings.

Mobile App - Click Settings

Step 3:

On the General page, Click Apply on the Set as a default faxing and calling application

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Step 4:

Set as a default faxing and calling application will now show Currently set as default faxing and calling application.

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Website appearance when Click to Dial is enabled

When Click to Dial is enabled, you may hover your mouse and click the number on the website (that support call:to, Tel: and fax: protocols) to dial the number automatically on the RingCentral Desktop App.

Click the number

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On the initial usage of Click to Dial, click Open RingCentral for Mac. You may also select to Remember my choice for RingCentral for Mac links to immediately open RingCentral for Mac when click on Phone numbers using call:to, Tel: and fax: protocols.

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The RingCentral for Desktop app will automatically dial the number you clicked.

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