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Manual Provisioning for Cisco Phones

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SummaryHow do I provision my Cisco phone manually?
To manually provision your Cisco phone, follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Get the IP Address from your Cisco Phone and open the IP Address from your browser.

Step 3: 

Click Admin Login, and then click Advanced

User-added image

Step 4: 

Click the Provisioning tab and then make sure that the Resync on Reset is set to No, and the Profile Rule is blank. Save the changes. 

User-added image

Step 5: 

Select the line (Ext) that you wish to provision. 

User-added image

Step 6: 

You will be able to see the page where you can input the SIP information you got from Step 1.

User-added image

User-added image

Step 7: 

Save the changes and wait for the phone to reboot and download the settings. 

You just manually provisioned your Cisco phone. 
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