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Enable Outbound Calls with Direct Dial for Canada Office customers

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SummaryHow do I enable Outbound Calls with Direct Dial?

RingCentral Canada users will now be able to make outbound calls with Enable Outbound Calls with Direct Dial.

Key Features & Benefits

• Enable outbound calls feature from RingCentral for Desktop with a purchased IP phone or Softphone
• Make calls with Direct Dial instead of RingOut; no need to pay for additional digital line.
• Automatically enable the outbound calls after first-time log-in  on the app
• Simple deactivation and re-activation among desktops
• Be flexible to access phone, messages, anywhere, anytime.

Follow the steps below to enable Outbound Calls with Direct Dial:

Step 1:

Logging in to your RingCentral account

Step 2:

Go to Tools > Enable Free Line for All Users.

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Step 2:
Tick Enabled, then click Save to proceed.

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NOTE:  Canadian law requires RingCentral customers to register the Softphone with 911 providers. Thus, there are mandatory taxes and 911 fee that customers need to pay.

Step 3:

Log in your account on the RingCentral Desktop App

Step 4:

Enter your Physical address on the RingCentral Desktop App

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Click the I Accept button to proceed and log in your account.

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Step 5:

On the online account, the enabled Desktop App will appear under Phones & Devices

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You have successfully enabled Outbound Calls with Direct Dial.
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