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RingCentral Community Single Sign-on

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SummaryWhat is “Single Sign-on” for RingCentral Community?


1. What is Single Sign-on for RingCentral Community?

Single Sign-on for RingCentral Community is an automated process that eliminates the need for Users to create a second set of login credentials for when users wish to post questions to the RingCentral Community. 

2. How does it work?

The Single Sign-on process will merge the user's Community login credentials with the user's profile in the RingCentral database. This will provide a more smooth transition for users that wish to post questions to the Community. Users can ask questions to the RingCentral Community if the desired information is now available in the Knowledge Base.

3. How do users log in to RingCentral Community?

Users can login to the RingCentral Community in 2 ways: 

a. Logging in to RingCentral Community through your RingCentral Online Account

This process eliminates the need for users to create an additional username and password for the RingCentral Community.

Step 1: 

From your RingCentral Online Account, click Get Help, and then click Help Center.

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Step 2: 

You will be redirected to the RingCentral Customer Support Center. From here, you can click Ask Community if the needed information is not available in the Knowledge Base.

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Step 3:

In the RingCentral Community page, you can find a conversation, search for topics and answers to your inquiry. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you can click Continue Creating Conversation to start a new topic thread.

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Step 4: 

The next screen will allow you to create a new conversation. Fill out the necessary fields and then Sign in.

NOTE: You will be asked to Sign In to Post if this is your first time to open the RingCentral Community through the RingCentral Support website. 

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Step 5: 

A pop-up will inform you that an email has been sent to your Email Address with a verification code. Enter the verification code from the email and then click Continue

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Sample email: 
Sample Email

Step 6: 

You are now logged in to the RingCentral Community

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NOTE: You will no longer be asked to enter the verification code the next time you click Ask Community. Clicking Ask Community thereafter will automatically direct and sign you in to the RingCentral Community.
You just logged in to RingCentral Community through your RingCentral Online account. 

b. Logging in to RingCentral Community through the RingCentral Community Website

Users can navigate the RingCentral Community by going directly to the RingCentral Community Website

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

You will be offered 4 login choices: 
• RingCentral - This option will direct you to the RingCentral site login screen, where you will log in using your RingCentral credentials, and then automatically be redirected back to the RingCentral Community home screen.

• Facebook, Google, and GetSatisfaction - If you do not have a RingCentral account, or wish to create, or use a previously created username and password, you may continue to log in using your Facebook, Google, or GetSatisfaction credentials. 

Click RingCentral.

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NOTE: When you click RingCentral, you will momentarily be redirected to the RingCentral login screen where you will log in with your existing RingCentral credentials. Once logged in, you will automatically be redirected back to the RingCentral Community homescreen. 

4. Known Issues and Solution

A user who have previously logged into the Community using Facebook, Google or GetSatisfaction may notice that they have a different Username and the gamification points previously earned under the old profile no longer appears.
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• You can change or update your Username or Nickname. Click here for instructions

• Merging of profiles will not be supported. You can request to remove one of your profiles (old profile or new profile) by sending an email to community.support@ringcentral.com.

• Currently, it is not possible to transfer gamification points from one profile to another. You can continue using your original profile by logging in using your previous (Facebook, Google or GetSatisfaction) credentials.
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