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Glip: Conversation Streams

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SummaryWhat are conversation streams on Glip?
Every conversation on Glip, be it one-on-one, multi-person or a team, has its own conversation stream where the free-flowing, real-time communication takes place. Select a conversation from the People, Teams or Groups sections of the left pane to access its stream. If the conversation you're looking for isn't listed in the left pane, you can find it via search, or by going to the People or Teams pages.
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By default, the compose box is at the bottom of the page and new messages get added to the bottom of the conversation stream. Older messages scroll off the top of the page, but you can scroll up to find them. There's no limit to how far back you can go, although for items that weren't posted recently you might want to use search instead. If you scroll back in the conversation, you'll see a blue button appear that allows you to jump right back to the most recent messages.

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If you'd prefer to post from the top of the page, Glip allows you to reverse the direction of the conversation stream. Just look for the setting in the Conversations section of the Preferences page or use your mouse to drag the compose box to the top of the page, like in this video.

When you hover each message in the stream, the timestamp displayed at the right side is replaced by following action buttons:
•  Favorite
  Move To
•  View Details
•  Edit
•  Delete
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Click on the Like (thumbs up)  button and you'll see your like added to the post's activity line. Hover on the count of likes to see the list of people that have liked the post.

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Click on the Favorite (star) button to mark the post as a favorite. When you mark a post as a favorite, a Favorites section will be added to the left pane (if it wasn't already there from a previously favorited post or conversation). Clicking on the Favorites link will list all of your favorited posts. This is a great way to have quick access to a post that you know you'll want to refer to later. 

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Click on the Pin button to easily find most needed items quickly. You can find pinned items on the right shelf. To unpin the item, simply go back to the item and click the Pin button again.

Move To

Select Move To... under the gear menu to move a post to a different conversation.

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NOTE: You can only move messages that you posted yourself. Posts that are replies can not be moved, as the reply must remain in the same conversation as the original post.

View Details

Select View Details and the Details view for the given item will slide in over the right pane. It summarizes all of the information about the item, including a history of any changes and any replies, and allows you to post a reply of your own. For images (i.e., JPG, PNG or GIF files), selecting View Details opens the image in the Interactive Viewer where you can view the image in large format and even annotate it. For notes, it opens the note in the Note Viewer where you'll see the note displayed full-page and add in-line replies.


Select Edit to edit the post. If the post is a chat message, then you'll be able to edit it right in the stream. For all other content types, like tasks or events, editing is done in a form identical to the one used to originally compose the post.


Select Delete to delete the post.

NOTE: You can only delete messages that you posted yourself (unless you are an admin).

Sometimes one (1) message on Glip will contain more than one item. For example, you can upload multiple files at the same time, or have a chat message that contains multiple links. In these cases, the options under the gear menu allow you to edit, delete, or the view the details of each item individually.

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Message Grouping

In order to save space in the stream, chat messages posted by the same author within a minute of each other are grouped together. So, instead of this...

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you see this.

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NOTE: Only regular chat messages are grouped. Posts with items (i.e., tasks, files, events, etc.), or replies to item, are not grouped.

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