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Glip: Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do I need a Glip subscription?

As a RingCentral customer, there’s no need for you to have a subscription to Glip. From within Glip, you’ll be able to make phone calls, initiate conference calls, and video chat with RingCentral Meetings. You get unlimited video chatting with a meeting capacity that corresponds to your RingCentral tier.

NOTE: Glip is already available to all RingCentral Meetings Accounts and RingCentral Office Editions subscribers, integrated with Mobile and Desktop App and with the option to download the stand-alone desktop app. Other RingCentral Plans can also get the stand-alone Glip app for free with the option to avail additional features and support. For more information, see Glip: Plans Comparison.

2.  How do people join my company on Glip?

You can add colleagues on the People page with their email addresses. You can also add by assigning them a task or adding them to a team.

Colleagues can also just go to glip.com and sign up using their work email address. Glip automatically places people in the same company based on the domain of their email address.

NOTE: Any sign up has to confirm their email address on your company’s private domain to join.

3. How do I add new Glip users?

New Glip users are automatically added when you add your co-workers to Teams and Conversations.

4. What is a guest user?

Guest users on Glip are people that you can communicate and collaborate with on Glip but do not work at your company. They might be clients, partners or vendors. Guest users are only available to companies that sign up for Glip on a private email domain (e.g., @ringcentral.com), as anyone that you add to Glip that has an email address that isn't on your company's private domain is considered a guest. For more information about guest users, go to Glip overview (account pricing).

NOTE:  If you signed up with Gmail, Yahoo, or any public domain emails your company will not be able to take advantage of guests. 

5. Locked account, how do I get it unlocked?

Multiple unsuccessful login attempts will lock your account. To unlock your account, you have to contact your company's admin on Glip to unlock it for you. If you don't know your company's admin you can also contact Glip customer support to have your account unlocked.

6. How do I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account but other people from your company will continue to use Glip, contact one of your company's administrators and they can remove you. Click People in the left pane and then select Admins from the Show list at the top of the page to see the list of administrators.

If you would like to remove your entire company from Glip, go to the Administration page at the top of the left pane and then, scroll down to look for the Remove... link.  Note that if your company has a subscription to one of Glip’s paid plans you’ll to contact customer support to have your company removed.

If you're an admin, click People in the left pane and click on the gear menu next to the person you want to remove.  You'll see an option to deactivate them there.

7. When a user is deleted, do we lose the messages they posted?

When you delete a user, all of their posts will be retained. All of the tasks, files, notes, etc. that they posted will still be accessible via search and the various apps.

8. How do I reset my Password?

To reset your password, click FORGOT IT? located in the password field.

9. What do I do when I can't share my files on Google Drive?

If you have trouble sharing files from your Google Drive on Glip via Web, make sure that you have not blocked authorization pop-ups on your browser. If your files are on a different Google account, to change the Google Drive account that you want to share files from, open a separate browser tab, go to Google, and then sign out. Now go back to Glip and try sharing from Google Drive again and you’ll be given the opportunity to connect to a different Google account.

10. How do I change my Email address on Glip?

If you're a webmail user (e.g., @gmail.com), or if you have an email address on a private domain and you only want to change the left side of their email address (i.e., the “dave” part of “dave@acme.com”), you can do this on their Profile page. If you want to change your Email domain, you need to Submit a request.

11. What’s the difference between a team and a group?

A Group is an ad-hoc conversation among a few co-workers. A Team is also a conversation among co-workers but with a formal label and is often used for a project or a department. Go to Glip: Teams and Groups for more information between teams and groups.

12.  Can I be in multiple Glips?

Yes, but unless you need to use different email addresses there’s generally no need to have more than one account.  All employees of a company are always part of the same Glip. Unlike with other services, there’s never a need to have multiple instances of Glip within a company. If your company has email addresses on a private domain (e.g., @acme.com), we will enforce this. Everyone with an @acme.com email address, for example, will automatically be in the same Glip.

The People page on Glip is like a corporate directory of sorts. You’ll see all employees listed there, and in the All Employees team that Glip automatically maintains for you, but you'll only really be communicating with your immediate co-workers. No one else can see the teams you create, except the people you’ve explicitly added to those teams (unless you make them public). While you can only be an employee of one company on Glip, you can be a guest in an unlimited number of companies. You can do this all from one Glip account, without having to worry about anyone from outside of your company (i.e., guests) seeing people or teams that they should not.

13. Can I use Glip for free?

Glip is free, with no limit on the number of people, posts, storage space or external integrations. The only limit associated with Glip’s free plan is video chat.

14. What are the different Glip plans?

Glip offers Free and Standard plans. See Glip: Plans Comparison, to know the details of each plan. 

15. Does Glip support other languages?

RingCentral Glip for iOS is available in Chinese. You only need to change the language settings on your iOS device to Chinese. More languages will be supported in the future.

16. Does Glip allow Emergency Calling?

Yes, Glip allows Emergency Calling. Emergency Address of paid Digital Lines can be associated to your Glip account.

NOTE: Before you can make calls through your Glip account make sure that it is associated with a paid Digital Line.

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