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RingCentral Meetings - Participant Controls

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SummaryThis article describes the RingCentral Meetings for Desktop Participant controls.


RingCentral Meetings - Participant Controls

Participants or Attendees to a RingCentral Meeting have a number of features they can use to be able to participate in a meeting. Participants can unmute themselves, use the Raise Hand feature, or reclaim being the Host of the meeting if they were the original Host.

RingCentral Meetings Controls Participant View 
Participant Controls and Experience


RingCentral Meetings Controls Participant View 


Meetings Controls


rc meetings 5.1 in meetings host audio

Mute / Unmute audio. Click rc meetings 5.1 in meetings host audio vid advanced to expand the Audio Options.

rc meetings 5.1 in meetings host video

Start / Stop video. Click rc meetings 5.1 in meetings host audio vid advanced to expand the Video Options.

User-added image

Invite other Participants to the meeting.

User-added image

Click to unmute, reclaim being the Host or Raise Hand.

meetings share screen participant

Share the screen to other Participants in the meeting.

User-added image

Message the group or a specific Participant in the meeting.

User-added image

Record the meeting. Participants may request permission from the Host to initiate if not available. When initiated, you can click Pause or Stop Recording. When stopped, the recorded file will be converted to an .mp4 file and be saved locally.

User-added imageAdds closed captioning to the meeting when the Host assigns a Participant.

User-added image

Leave the meeting.

User-added imageNon - Verbal Feedback

NOTE: See RingCentral Meetings: Configuring the Meetings Desktop App Settings to learn more about Audio and Video Settings.

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Participant Controls and Experience


Participants can click on User-added image to use the Participant Controls.


rc meetings 5.1  participant controls during meeting

• Unmute / Mute Me - Allows you to activate or deactivate your microphone. You can hover on your name or click on the dedicated button to use the feature.
Rename - Allows you to rename yourself during a meeting. Just hover on your name to see the option.
Raise / Lower Hand - Allows you to call the attention of the Host.
More - Gives you the option to Reclaim Host or Merge to Meeting Window.

Additional Options available when any Participant is on video. Hover on the Participant thumbnail then click User-added image to see options.

* Pin Video - This is available if a Participant's video is turned ON. You can pin the Participant's video during screen sharing or switch to Active Speaker. 
​* Hide Non-Video Participants 
* Hide / Show Myself
* Request Camera Control - When the Host requests Camera Control. Participants can click Approve or Decline.


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Share Screen

During a screen share, Participants can select a shared screen for a specific monitor during a meeting. Participants can click on View Options and then select the specific monitor under Shared Screens.

For more information on screen sharing, go to RingCentral Meetings: Sharing Screens on the Meetings Desktop App.

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