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Troubleshooting Calls Going Straight to Voicemail

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SummaryHow do I troubleshoot calls that are going straight to my voicemail?

There are times when your calls go straight to your voicemail without ringing your phone. It happens when the settings on the RingCentral Online account, Desktop app, Mobile app, and desk phone are incorrect.

This article helps you troubleshoot calls that are routed to your voicemail rather than ringing your phone. See the list of things you need to check below to ensure this would not happen.

Step 1:

Make sure Do Not Disturb (DND) is turned OFF or disabled in the following platforms:



RingCentral Online Account

Select Take all calls to disable Do Not Disturb.

 dnd online acct off

RingCentral for Desktop

Select Available to disable Do Not Disturb.

desktop app dnd off

RingCentral Mobile App 

To make sure your calls do not go straight to your voicemail, Do not Disturb should be turned off on your Mobile app. Status should say Available and at the same time, Data (VoIP) calling needs to be enabled.

For more information on VoIP calling, check: Overview of VoIP Calling on the RingCentral Mobile app.

 dnd mobile off

Desk Phones

Polycom VVX Series phones 
Cisco SPA303, Cisco SPA508G, Cisco SPA514G
Cisco SPA525G, Cisco SPA525G2 

NOTE: All calls to an extension will be routed to voicemail when Do Not Disturb is enabled. See Setting a User's Do-Not-Disturb and Call Queue availability for more information.

Step 2:

Make sure the User Hours and Regional Settings are correctly set up.

NOTE: Your timezone defaults to that of the Company's, so if you work remotely or in a different location, change it to match your settings.

Step 3: 

Check the User Greeting. Listen to User Greeting and make sure the voicemail greeting is NOT recorded but saved under Messages & Notifications.

user greeting off

If the User Greeting is set to Custom, please listen to it to make sure it is your voicemail. Click the Play button Play button. to preview your current greeting.

user greeting custom

Step 4: 

Make sure that a Forwarding Number is ON.

forwarding number on

IMPORTANT: Make sure the voicemail is not configured to go to a Mobile Phone. This prompts the user to press 1 to connect the call when answering on their cellphones. If the user does not answer or press 1, the call will not be answered and will not be directed to the cellphone voicemail box.

For your Incoming Call Information, select For non-RingCentral phones only for Direct calls under Play announcement before connecting

 User-added image

NOTE:  The Non-RingCentral phones only option will play the announcement when forwarding a call to your home or mobile phone, but NOT when forwarding to a RingCentral desk phone. To learn how to configure your Incoming Call Information, see User: Configure Incoming Call Information.

Step 5:

Check for any Advanced Call Handling rule that could prevent calls from being forwarded to your phone. Click Advanced under Call Handling & Forwarding to check. For the calls to go through, the Holiday rule should be turned OFF.

holiday rule off

Step 6: 

Reboot your Desk Phone, Mobile Phone or computer.

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