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RingCentral Phone iOS - Avoid Call Interruption | Integrated Calling

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SummaryHow can I go back to the VoIP call after answering an iPhone call?

The RingCentral Mobile app for iOS can be used for VoIP calling. There may be instances when a native call comes in while you are on a VoIP call. This behavior is controlled by the native operating system.

When the RingCentral Integrated Calling feature is enabled, you can avoid call interruption while on a VoIP call. However, when the Integrated Calling feature is disabled, you will be able to experience the scenario illustrated below:

When making a VoIP call on your iOS device for the first time, you will encounter the following message:

Important Information: Due to iOS system design, incoming iPhone calls will interrupt VoIP calls. Reject the iPhone call to continue your VoIP call, or answer it to place the VoIP call on hold.

iOS Call Interruption

If an iPhone call comes in while on a VoIP call, you can take the iPhone call, reply with a message, be reminded of the call at a later time or reject the call.

NOTE: The party on the VoIP call will be put on hold and will hear your hold music if you take the iPhone call. If you reject the incoming iPhone call, the VoIP call will be retrieved automatically so you can proceed with the VoIP call.

If you prefer your RingCentral calls to be uninterrupted by incoming calls, then you can enable Integrated Calling.

Using your RingCentral number for calling (inbound and outbound) via the Native iOS App

IMPORTANT: Your inbound and outbound calls will be cellular calls, not VoIP, so if you receive an incoming call to your personal cellular number, iOS will give you control to handle the call as you'd like.

Setup Inbound Call Rules to your RingCentral Number

Setup Outbound Call Rules

Use the RingOut functionality on your mobile app by turning off VoIP Calling in Settings of the RingCentral Mobile app.

NOTE: When you place a phone call from the app, it will place the call as a mobile phone call, but will continue to show your RingCentral phone number as the Caller ID (not your personal cellphone number).

Enabling RingOut Mode on Your RingCentral Mobile App 

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