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RingCentral for Outlook | Overview

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SummaryThis article provides information about RingCentral for Outlook. RingCentral for Outlook provides seamless integration between your Microsoft Outlook and your RingCentral services. Improve your productivity by minimizing the number of applications you use to get everyday tasks done: calling, texting, and setting up meetings.

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RingCentral for Outlook - Overview

RingCentral for Outlook provides seamless integration between your Microsoft Outlook and your RingCentral services, thus increasing user productivity. It allows you to conveniently view messages, make calls, exchange text conversation, and to create and schedule an online meeting or conference call right from Outlook.

RingCentral for Outlook Default view

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Features and Benefits 
Logging in to RingCentral for Outlook 
Default View Interface 
Using RingCentral for Outlook

RingCentral for Outlook - Place Calls
RingCentral for Outlook - Answer Incoming Call
RingCentral for Outlook - Browser Call Controls
RingCentral for Outlook - Compose Text Message
RingCentral for Outlook - View and Reply to Messages
RingCentral for Outlook - Listen to Voicemail Messages
RingCentral for Outlook - View Fax Messages
RingCentral for Outlook - Text Message
RingCentral for Outlook - Contacts
RingCentral for Outlook - Call Logs
RingCentral for Outlook - Schedule Meeting
RingCentral for Outlook - Schedule Conference
RingCentral for Outlook - Send Fax
RingCentral for Outlook - Settings


Features and Benefits

• Make and receive calls directly from Outlook.
• Find your Outlook and RingCentral contacts combined together in an easy-to-search screen.
• Click-to-dial any phone number that appears in Outlook contacts.
• View incoming caller IDs while working within Outlook.
• Send or receive text messages and see them as conversations.
• Listen to your voicemails directly from Outlook.
• View your complete communications history—calls, texts, faxes, and voicemails—from Outlook.
• Schedule RingCentral Conference and RingCentral Meetings without leaving Outlook.


For optimal user experience, ensure that:

• You have set the correct number as your RingCentral Direct Number. You can view your RingCentral Direct Number in your RingCentral Online account.
• You have Microsoft Outlook 2013 or later.
• You are using Windows 7 or later.

NOTE: RingCentral for Outlook is available for all RingCentral Office customers and is only compatible with Windows.


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