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SummaryRingCentral for Office 365 seamlessly integrates business communications into your cloud work environment, transforming Microsoft Office 365 into an enterprise-grade communications hub with a powerful and easy-to-use interface that is very simple for end-users to deploy and IT to manage. Click on the links to learn more about the RingCentral Office 365 Integration.


Office 365 App Integration for RingCentral

Office 365 App Integration for RingCentral also includes native interface features available for Office 365 Outlook. 

Availability and Requirements

• RingCentral for O365 is available as a Chrome extension to all RingCentral Office customers
• Active Microsoft Office 365 account is required.
• Supported browsers: Chrome 69 (or later).
• Windows 7 & above or Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (or later) are required
• The new Outlook on the web experience is supported with RingCentral for Office 365 version 3.1

Download and Install Office 365 App Integration for RingCentral

1. Go to https://www.ringcentral.com/apps/ringcentral-office-365.
2. Click Get it now.
3. On the Chrome add-on page, click Add to chrome.
4. Log into your Office 365 account.
5. Enter your RingCentral credentials and then click Login.

RingCentral for Office365 features

Click to Dial/SMS
Set Presence manually
Schedule a Video Meeting or Conference Call
Multi-party or Group calling
Quick Call/SMS from Office 365 Contact Cards
Place a call
Send a Text Message  
Check Messages
Browse Contacts
Check the Call Log


Click to Dial/SMS

To Enable Click to Dial/SMS, go to Settings and enable Click to Dial/SMS.

When enabled:
• In your Outlook Mail, a button will appear to dial or send an SMS to a number (numbers must use correct format).
• In your Outlook Contacts, all phone numbers become clickable links.

User-added image

Set Presence manually

You may set your Presence status manually. This overrides your RC Phone settings.

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Schedule a Video Meeting or Conference

Initiating a Video Meeting or a Conference can be done in-app or natively on the outlook calendar.


1. On the Dialer, you may select Schedule Meeting or Schedule Conference.

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Schedule Meeting

1. Configure the Meeting details.
2. You may proceed to Invite with Outlook Calendar or Launch Meeting.

Schedule Conference

1. Select the Dial-in Number.
2. You may proceed to Invite with Outlook Calendar, Invite with Text or Launch Conference.

Office 365 Outlook Calendar

1. On the Event Details, select either Video Meeting or Conference Meeting.

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Video Meeting

1. Selecting Video Meeting will generate the Meeting link and the Invite.
2. Proceed to configure the meeting details, then Save the event.

Conference Meeting

1. Select the Dial-in Number.
2. You may enable Additional Dial-in Numbers, and/or Enable join before host. Click Done.
3. Proceed to configure the Conference details, then Save the event.


Multi-party or Group calling

1. While on an active call, put the call on-hold to accept an inbound call or make an outbound call.
2. On the active call screen, you can click Merge to merge the calls.
3. The active call screen will show the contacts on your Conference call. Click the Add button to add more participants. Up to 10 parties can join, including the caller/host of that call. The Add button is disabled when 10 parties are connected.

Quick Call/SMS from Office 365 Contact Cards

A button to Call or send SMS will be visible natively on your Contact cards.

Place a call 

1. Click the User-added image Dialer icon.
2. Click the User-added image icon, and then click the Contact you wish to call or enter the number of the party you wish to call manually.
3. Click the Dialer arrow icon, and then select the RingCentral device you wish to call from via WebRTC. Click Call.

NOTE: Outbound calling is only available via WebRTC to a RingCentral provisioned device (either the desktop app or deskphone) available on your account. Custom numbers cannot be used.

4. The WebRTC screen will appear. On your RingCentral device, click Answer. You will then be connected to the number you are calling.

Send Text/SMS

1. Log into your Office 365 account.
2. Click the User-added image messages icon.
3. Click the User-added image icon, and then click the Contact you wish to message or enter the number you wish to message manually.
4. Type your text message, and then click Send.

Check Messages

1. Click the User-added image Messages icon.
2. Select the message you wish to retrieve. You may switch between All, Voice, Fax and Text tabs to filter messages.

Browse Contacts 

Click the User-added imageContacts icon to display the Contacts list.


Check the Call Log

1. Click the User-added image Call Log icon.
2. Click the Missed tab to display the list of missed calls. You may also view your Recent activity (SMS/Calls) inside your contact details.

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