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RingCentral Conference Bridge Numbers

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SummaryWhat number should I dial to join a RingCentral Conference or RingCentral Meetings?
The Dial-in Numbers for RingCentral Conferencing and RingCentral Meetings have been changed. During the transition, the previous  and new Bridge Numbers will work simultaneously for the same call and meeting. RingCentral will continue to support the previous Bridge Numbers until the end of December 2015

RingCentral Bridge Numbers

RingCentral FeaturePrevious Bridge NumberNew Bridge Number
RingCentral Conferencing(760) 569-7171(267) 930-4000
RingCentral Meetings(424) 203-8420(605) 562-3185


Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: What will happen to the meeting invite that was sent before the dial-in number was changed?

A: The old Dial-in Number will still work until the end of December 2015.

Q: If the host of a meeting used the new Dial-in Number, but a participant used the old number, will the participant be able to join the correct meeting?

A: Yes, as long as the correct Meeting ID / Participant Code is entered, it will allow them to join the correct meeting.
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