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SummaryRingCentral RingOut is a useful and powerful click-to-call feature that allows you to initiate calls with a single mouse click from your RingCentral Online Account or with a single keystroke or click from just about any Windows application.

RingCentral RingOut

The RingOut capability enables users to make calls connecting two phone numbers using a RingCentral account, one for the user and another for the number being called.

How it works
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How it works

When you initiate a call via RingOut, a pop-up window will appear with two boxes, one for the number of the person or business you are calling and the other is a phone number you are using (Current Location). The Current Location specifies your phone number (being the Caller), from where you want to place the call.  

• RingCentral calls you on your Current Location first. Note that you will see your RingCentral number as the caller. This will help you identify that the call you are getting is the one that was initiated via RingOut. 

When your phone rings, pick it up and a voice prompt will say, “Hello, to connect this call, press 1." The prompt to press 1 before the call is placed can be enabled or disabled in the RingOut options.

• When you press 1, RingOut will place an outbound call to the Number that you wish to call.

RingOut shows your RingCentral number as your Caller ID and hides your personal phone number (Current Location) when using your home or cell phone.

When both parties are connected, the RingOut control window will disappear and to end the call, you just need to hang up. To end the call before both parties are connected, you can click the Hangup button on the RingOut window.


RingOut can be used on the following RingCentral platforms:

• RingCentral Online account
• RingCentral Phone
• RingCentral Phone for Mobile

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