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Glip: Video Chat

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SummaryHow do I use the Video Chat feature?
Glip is a powerful, business communications tool focused on messaging and collaboration.  It allows you to share messages, tasks, calendars, notes and files.  Creating a message on Glip for RingCentral allows you to send private message to a colleague, a group or a team.

To use the Glip Video Chat feature, you must install RingCentral Meetings.  Follow the steps below to install RingCentral Meetings.

Step 1:

Initiate a video chat by selecting Video Chat from the compose menu or by clicking Start Video Chat on the team header.
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Step 2:

A new browser window will open and RingCentral Meetings application will begin to download to your computer.  You may also click on download & run RingCentral Meetings to install it manually.

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NOTE:  If you have the RingCentral Meetings app already installed, select Launch Application to start RingCentral Meetings. 

Step 3:

You will then go through the RingCentral Meetings installation process.

Step 4:

Once installation is complete, RingCentral Meetings will automatically start up.

Step 5:

RingCentral Meetings will launch whenever you host or join video chat.

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You may now use Glip Video Chat.

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