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Glip Overview

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SummaryHow do I use Glip to improve productivity?
Glip is a real time productivity app that allows you to make your team more productive by offering multiple solutions in one place.

With Glip you are able to:
  • • Streamline workflow with built-in apps such as calendars, task management, and file sharing.
  • • Work at your desk with either Glip via web, desktop app, or be productive on the go with Glip Mobile.
  • • Switch between different modes of communication with options that includes sending messages via chat, making a call or a video chat.
  • • Integrate your other tools with Glip making it easier to collaborate.

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Apps & Integrations

Glip: Calendar App
Glip: Tasks App
Glip: Links App 
Glip: Notes App
Glip: Files App
Glip: Integrations

Glip FAQ / Troubleshooting


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