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Plantronics Integration with RingCentral Phone

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SummaryPlantronics Integration with RingCentral Phone

Key Features and Benefits:

• Optimizes the User Experience with RingCentral Phone.
• Native integration with RingCentral Phone
• More natural and fluid interaction with RingCentral Phone.
• Select headsets include Plantronics Smart Sensor Technology which allows RingCentral Phone users to take an incoming call simply by putting on the headset, or end a call by removing it. 
• Call controls from selected Plantronics headsets – mute, hold, pickup, hang up, next call.
• One Touch answer and termination of calls directly via headset.

NOTE: The call control works with headset connected through USB or a Bluetooth dongle.

Requirements and Compatibility
Recommended Models and Use Cases
How to activate Plantronics headset in RingCentral Phone
Frequently Asked Questions 


• Plantronics Integration Disabled
• No Audio Issue
• RingCentral Phone not responding to Plantronics Audio Device button commands

Requirements and Compatibility:

• Mac OS X
• Windows 7, 8, and 10
• Plantronics HUB should be installed and running to continue using the call control functionality / hardware keys on the headset. Download Plantronics Hub here.

Recommended Models

• Blackwire 725
• Savi 700 series
• Voyager Focus UC
• Voyager Legend UC
• Encore Pro 710 / 720
• Savi 400 series
• Blackwire 3200
• Blackwire 5200
• Voyager 3200 UC
• Voyager 5200 UC
• Voyager 6200 UC
• Voyager 8200 UC

 Blackwire 725Savi  710Voyager Focus UCVoyager Legend UCEncorePro HW710
Overview (PDF)
Smart Sensors


Pairs with

• PC
• Mac

• PC
• Mac
• Deskphone
• Mobile
• PC
• Mac
• Mobile
• PC
• Mac
• Mobile
• PC
• Mac
• Deskphone
Add-on RequiredNoneNoneNoneNone• DA-80 (USB connection)
for computer calls
• U10P Coil Cord - P/N 27190-01
for connection with Desktop IP Phones
Supported OS• Windows 10
• Mac OSX
• Windows 10
• Mac OSX
• Windows 10
• Mac OSX
• Windows 10
• Mac OSX
• Windows 10
• Mac OSX
Compatibility• USB• Bluetooth
• RJ9 port
• Bluetooth
• Bluetooth
• RJ9 port
RangeN/Aup to 350 ftup to 150 ftup to 33ftN/A
Talk TimeN/Aup to 13 hoursup to 12 hoursup to 33 hoursN/A

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I buy Plantronics headsets from RingCentral?

No. You can buy the recommended models through your preferred resellers.

2. Will RingCentral Phone work with a Plantronics Bluetooth headset?

Yes, it works through headset’s Bluetooth USB connected to a computer.

How to activate Plantronics headset in RingCentral Phone

RingCental Phone automatically detects your Plantronics headset when you connect your headset via your computer's USB port. Click Yes to activate.

User-added image

Integrate the Plantronics HUB with the RingCentral Phone by following these steps:

Step 1:

Connect your Plantronics Headset on your computer's USB port or via Bluetooth dongle.

Step 2:

Log in to your RingCentral Phone.

Step 3:

Click Settings.


Step 4:

Go to Sound and toggle the button to enable Plantronics Headset.

NOTE:  You may click the Learn more about using your headset link, for more information regarding Plantronics headsets and their compatibility with RingCentral Phone.

rc desktop-sound plantronics

If this attempt is successful, you may start using your Plantronics Headset hardware keys for call management.
If this attempt has failed, RingCentral Phone will display an error message:

plantronics disabled


Plantronics Integration Disabled

"The application cannot connect to the Plantronics HUB which enables the call control features on the Plantronics audio device. Please install the Plantronics HUB software from www.plantronics.com."

A similar error message will be displayed in other specific use-cases listed below:

1) If integration was enabled previously but the application cannot communicate with HUB any longer. 
2) If a user tries to enable integration and we cannot connect to HUB. 
3) If a user uninstalls HUB while integration is enabled.

NOTE: You may go to Plantronics HUB for Windows and Mac System Requirements for more information Plantronics HUB installation.

No Audio Issue

You may encounter a No Audio issue when using your Plantronics Headset, to resolve this issue, make sure that your Plantronics HUB software is updated:

Plantronics firmware update (BT300)
Plantronics firmware update (BT600)

Another possible cause is the USB port that your device connects to is currently suspended, for more information on resolving this issue, go to:

Disable Windows Setting "USB Suspend"

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