04/01/16 16:46 PM  

Sign In/Get Started links to Glip don't work

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SummaryI can't open links to Glip, How do I resolve?
You may encounter errors when you specifically open the links to sign in or sign up. You click on the link and nothing happens. This issue is likely caused by Avast anti-virus software, which you may be using. Use the following instructions to prevent Avast from blocking Glip:

Step 1:

Launch Avast.

Step 2:

Click Settings on bottom left hand panel.

Step 3:

Click Active Protection in left hand panel.

Step 4:

In main panel, click Customize on the Web Shield row.

Step 5:

Select Exclusions on left hand panel.

Step 6:

On main panel add .glip.com to the URLs to exclude section.

Step 7:

Click OK.

Step 8:

Click OK on remaining dialogues as well.

Step 9:

Refresh Glip.
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