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Glip: Logging in using your RingCentral Credentials

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SummaryHow do I log in to Glip?

Glip is a real time productivity app that allows you to make your team more productive by offering multiple solutions in one place. You can log in to your Glip account in multiple ways. Click on the links on your preferred login method for the instructions.

Via Sign In Form
Via Google
Via Single Sign-on 

To follow the steps, make sure to launch a web browser and go to https://glip.com/, and then click Sign In.

glip sign in

NOTE: You can also access Glip from your online account. Log in to your RingCentral Online Account, click on Tools and select Glip. If you are logged in as an Administrator, click the drop-down arrow and select My Extension first before clicking on Tools > Glip.

accessing glip from online account

Via Sign In Form 

Step 1:

Enter your RingCentral Email or Phone Number, and then click Next.

glip sign in form

Step 2:

Enter your Password, and then click Sign In.

User-added image


Via Google

Step 1:

Click Google.

glip google

Step 2:

Select or enter your Email, and then click Next.

glip sign in google 2

NOTE: If your RingCentral account has been provisioned with Google G Suite, you may be redirected to the Google G Suite login page. Enter your Password and then click Sign In. See Google G Suite Auto Provisioning for more details.

glip sign in google gsuite

Step 3:

Enter your Password, and then click Next.

glip sign in google 3

NOTE: You may be asked to allow Glip to view your contacts if this is the first time log in. Click Allow to proceed.

glip sign in google 4

Via Single Sign-on

Step 1:

Click Single Sign-on.

glip sso

Step 2:

Enter your Email to confirm your identity, and then click Submit.

User-added image

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