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RingCentral Phone - Using RingOut

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SummaryHow to use RingOut on RingCentral Phone


Using RingOut on your RingCentral Phone

The RingCentral Phone allows you to place direct outgoing calls with the use of a RingCentral Digital Line.

If you do not have a Digital Line assigned to your RingCentral Phone to place direct outgoing calls, the RingOut feature lets you place an outgoing call using your RingCentral account, by allowing you to use a non-RingCentral device for placing the call. 

It sends your RingCentral phone number as your Caller ID to the party you are calling.

For more information on how to place a direct outgoing call via the RingCentral Phone, go to Setting up the RingCentral Phone's Softphone Feature.

To learn how to configure your RingCentral Phone's RingOut settings, go to RingCentral Phone - Configure RingOut Settings.
To learn how to use the RingOut feature, go to RingCentral Phone - RingOut | Placing an Outgoing Call. 

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