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Using RingOut on RingCentral Phone

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SummaryHow do I use the RingOut feature on my RingCentral Phone?

The RingCentral Phone allows you to place direct outgoing calls with the use of a RingCentral Digital Line. If you do not have a Digital Line assigned to your RingCentral Phone to place direct outgoing calls, the RingOut feature lets you place an outgoing call using your RingCentral account by allowing you to use a non-RingCentral device for placing the call, and then send your RingCentral phone number as your Caller ID to the party you are calling.

For more information on how to place a direct outgoing call via the RingCentral Phone, go to Setting up the RingCentral Phone's Softphone Feature.

To configure your RingCentral Phone's RingOut settings, go to Editing the RingCentral Phone's RingOut settings.
To use the RingOut feature, go to Placing a RingOut Call via the RingCentral Phone.

Editing the RingCentral Phone's RingOut settings

To setup your RingCentral Phone's RingOut settings, which includes the Outbound Caller ID to use, the Default Location/Number to use for placing RingOut, as well as the prompt before connecting, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Log in to your RingCentral Phone.

Step 2: 

Click the Settings (the Gear icon User-added image) button.

User-added image

Step 3: 

Click Calls, and then select the Outgoing tab.

rc desktop-calls-outgoing

Step 4: 

The RingOut feature can be configured by setting up the following options:

rc desktop-calls-outgoing details

1. Calling Mode
If your extension does not have an assigned Desk phone or Digital Line, you will not see the option to select Direct dial.

If your extension has an assigned Desk phone or Digital Line, you will have the option to switch between the following calling modes: 

Direct Dial - to use the RingCentral Phone (requires a computer mic).

RingOut - to use a specified device, then connect to the called party. 

2. Default Number
The Default number is the number that RingCentral will call when you initiate RingOut.

You can select the Default number from your extension's list of Forwarding numbers.

To add or edit your extension's Forwarding numbers, go to Adding a Forwarding Number.

3. Prompt me to dial 1 before connecting the call
If enabled, you are required to press 1 within 25 seconds before RingOut connects your call to the called party.

4. Local Dialing
The default Area code that will be used for 7-digit dialing.

5. Outbound caller ID
Select the number you want to display when you make outgoing calls or texts.


Placing a RingOut Call via the RingCentral Phone

Step 1: 

In your RingCentral Phone, click the Call button

User-added image

Step 2: 

Enter the phone number that you wish to call, then click the Dial button.

User-added image

NOTE: Click the Plus sign User-added image to select a number from your Personal Contacts list.  

Step 3:

Select your Current Location or the number where you want to place the call, and then click Call.
You can click on the drop-down list to choose from your existing forwarding numbers, or you can enter a Custom number.

To edit your list of Forwarding numbers, go to Adding a Forwarding Number to a User Extension.

User-added image User-added image

NOTE: When you dial a number using RingOut, RingCentral will call your current location first. Once you've picked up the call on your phone, RingCentral will dial the number that you wish to call and combine both sessions in a single line.


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