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Multiple Account Access for RingCentral

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SummaryI have multiple accounts with RingCentral. How do I access each account without having to log out everytime?

The Multiple Account Access feature centralizes the access for customers with multiple RingCentral accounts, and allows them to link all their accounts in the RingCentral Accounts Management Portal.  It allows company admins to access their RingCentral accounts from a single log in. It also allows administrators to view services for all accounts from a single location.

The Multiple Account Access feature increases the efficiency of multiple account management without having to remember separate numbers for each account. From the Accounts Management Portal, administrators can easily switch from one account to another. It provides a consolidated view of all accounts, while remaining separate entities.

Sample Scenario

A company owns 3 separate accounts for their 3 branch offices, for tracking billing, and performance of their employees. An administrator logs in to the main account, and runs a report for one of their branches. He then switches to another account and runs a similar report.

The RingCentral Accounts Management Portal

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Log in to the RingCentral Account Management Portal to access all accounts, and view service status.

NOTE: An administrator can only trigger log in to an account, and view service status from this portal. To configure an account's settings, he needs to do so within an account.

Quick Link: Setting Up Company Settings via the Auto-Receptionist

RingCentral Account Management Overview

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Account Name - Click on an account name to log in to that account, and manage it's company and user settings. You will be redirected to the RingCentral online account management site.

Service Status - Easily view account status details.
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Link Account - Click on the Link Account icon to add accounts to the Account Management Portal.

Unlink Selected Account - Place a check mark on an account, and click on this button to remove an account from the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a US account and a UK account. Can I link these two accounts in the RingCentral Accounts Management Portal?
A: Yes. An admin can add all accounts that belong to a company in the RIngCentral Accounts Management Portal.

Q: Are there any limitations as to how many accounts can be linked in to the portal?
A: No. There are no limits in how many accounts can be added to the portal.
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