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Resolved Issue: RingCentral Mobile App 8.0 for Android Crashes when Finland is set as Region

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SummaryHow do I prevent my RingCentral mobile app for Android from crashing when I select Finland as my region?

This Issue is resolved

In Release 8.1Finland is added to the list of countries in RingCentral Global Office. Users with a RingCentral Global Office Digital Line can set their RingCentral mobile app's Region and Area Code for Local Dialing to Finland.

Previous versions of the RingCentral mobile app are incompatible with selecting Finland as the default Region for local dialing. When the User logs in the to RingCentral mobile app and sets Finland as the default Region, the mobile app will crash. To resolve this, Users can Download the latest version of the RingCentral mobile app (8.1 or above).

To check for the current version of your RingCentral mobile app, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Tap your Profile Picture

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Step 3: 

You can find the version of your RingCentral mobile app on the lower right portion of your phone's screen.

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NOTE: For more information about the current version of your RingCentral mobile app, you can scroll down, and then tap About

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