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SummaryHow do I purchase International Calling Credit Bundles for my Global Office Numbers?
International Calling Credit Bundles allow Billing Administrators to purchase additional minutes packages for international outbound calling on their RingCentral accounts. Billing Administrators can add the company's preferred bundle under the Billing section of the RingCentral Online account. 

To add International Calling Credit Bundles for your account, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Under the Admin Portal view, click Billing tab. 

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Step 3: 

When you click the Billing tab, the Service Plan screen will load automatically.
Under Service Plan, click Usage Info

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Step 4: 

Under Additional Bundles, look for International Calling Credit Bundle, and then click Add.

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Step 5: 

Select your preferred International Calling Credit Bundle from the list, and then click Next.

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• Additional international calling usage will be billed at standard international rates.
• Bundles are on top of any international calling usage included in your account. 
• Bundles expire at the end of month and cannot roll over to the following month.

IMPORTANT: For fraud protection, your daily and monthly paid calling limits are restricted and could not exceed 1000 and 50000 respectively (subject to the additional International calling bundle added to your account). Call Customer Care at (888) 898-4591 to increase the limits if your paid call usage is higher than those limits.

Step 6: 

Review and confirm your order by placing a check on the box. By placing a check on the box, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the itemized charges, and authorize the the amount to be deducted from your card. Click Continue.

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NOTE: RingCentral has set limits for the protection of customers from fraudulent activities or over usage. In line with this security feature, you may get a message saying that you have exceeded the maximum allowed value that can be processed on your account in a single billing cycle. For security purposes, please contact Customer Service at (888) 898-4591 to verify your Billing Information and request an account limit increase and proceed with your desired transaction. 

Step 7: 

On the  Order Confirmation screen, you will have the option to Print your Order Summary, or click Done to close the Order Confirmation window.
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