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RingCentral for Skype for Business: Inbound and Outbound Calling

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SummaryHow do I make or accept calls on the RingCentral app for Skype for Business app?

RingCentral app for Skype for Business allows you to make and receive RingCentral calls, send and receive SMS texts, initiate RingCentral online meetings and audio conferences. Follow the steps below to learn more about making and accepting calls on the RingCentral app for Skype for Business.

Incoming Calls
Call Controls
Making Calls


Incoming Calls

When an incoming call arrives, you can answer or reject directly from the RingCentral for Skype for Business app.

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Call Controls

When you answer a call, you have the option to Mute, HangupTransfer, FlipRecord, or put the call on Hold. RingCentral for Skype for Business also allows you to deal with multiple calls at the same time. If you are on a call and a new call arrives, your current call with be automatically put on hold when you answer the new call. You can easily switch among calls within the RingCentral app for Skype for Business.

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Making a Call

You can access this feature either from the RingCentral for Skype for Business app Call tab directly, or from the Call with RingCentral option from the Skype for Business contact menu. 

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If you right-click on a Skype for Business contact and select Call with RingCentral, the contact’s phone numbers saved in RingCentral and Skype for Business will be populated in the drop-down below the To field in the RingCentral for Skype for Business app. 

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Local dialing for Global Office Users

Step 1:

Set Region: select the proper dialing plan by specifying country and area code on Settings > Region page

• ​The available dialing plan options (shown as countries) are those that have been purchased by the account with digital lines. 
• User can select the country they locate in from the ‘Country’ dropdown list. Default option is the country of the company’s main number. 
• Area code setting applies to CA and US only. 

Step 2:

E.164 format all phone numbers in the ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields and login account. 

Step 3:

Do local dialing by entering short number in the To field, app will add the country code w/ area 
code to the number following the Region settings of the logged in user. 

For example, a UK Global Office user who selects the corresponding dialing plan for the UK will no longer need to dial 011442035551212 or +442035551212 and can now simply enter 0203551212 or 203551212 to call that local number. 

NOTE: If the you have no access to the Call feature, you will see an error message about having no access to the feature. 

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