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SummaryRingCentral app for Skype for Business allows you to make and receive RingCentral calls, send and receive SMS texts, initiate RingCentral online meetings and audio conferences. Follow the steps below to learn more about initiating a meeting on the RingCentral for Skype for Business app.

NOTE:  You need to have the RingCentral Meetings to use this feature.

RingCentral for Skype for Business: Meetings  

You may go directly to the Initiate RingCentral Meetings option from the Skype for Business contact menu.

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You may configure the meeting with the following settings:

• Topic of the meeting
• Participants
• Video and Audio Options
• Meeting Options
• Enable/disable a meeting password to join. Enter a password if enabled.
• Enable/disable participants to join the meeting before the host.

sfb meetings

Clicking Invite with Text and Start Meeting will send your selected contacts an invite and initiate the meeting.

You can also hover on a Skype for Business contact and select Initiate RingCentral Meetings. The contact’s name and phone numbers will be populated in the drop-down below the To field in the RingCentral for Skype for Business.

sfb hover on contact meetings

NOTE: If you have no access to RingCentral Meetings, the app will prompt you about not having access to this feature.

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