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RingCentral Rooms Connector - Enable video and content sharing | Dual monitors

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SummaryHow do I enable video and content sharing on dual monitors for RingCentral Meetings with RingCentral Room Connector?
RingCentral Meetings supports H.239 ITU standard for content sharing on a H.323 device and BFCP for content sharing on an SIP device. This allows you to view a video stream as well as a content stream through your H.323 or SIP device if you have dual monitors. H.239 and BFCP are ON by default and can be toggled with the instructions below.

You will need to enable H.239 or BFCP with UDP in your device settings before using this feature with the RingCentral Room Connector. Follow the following procedures:

Send content from H.323 or BFCP endpoint

Plug in your computer (or other device) into the H.323 or BFCP device and share content.

Receive content on H.323 or BFCP endpoint

• Single-screen - content will be displayed on the single screen
• Dual-screen - content and video will be displayed on dual screen as default. To disable dual screen, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

On the remote controller, press 1 via DTMF code to access the menu.

Step 2:

On the remote controller, press 3 to toggle H.239 or BFCP for dual-screen.

NOTE: To receive dual screen content, your H.323 endpoint should be publicly accessible or have 1:1 NAT configuration. H.239 may not work for some H323 devices behind NAT

Configure your network

In order to receive H.239 content (dual-stream), you will need to make sure that you network is configured as follows:
Open ALG (Application Layer Gateway) for H.323 support
Signal: TCP/UDP 5060/5061
RTP: UDP 8000-10000
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