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RingCentral Professional Services

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SummaryWhat is RingCentral Professional Services?
RingCentral Professional Services will help you optimize your investment in RingCentral.  Through our portfolio of services, RingCentral Professional Services enables you to reduce infrastructure costs while establishing a framework to drive employee efficiency and accelerate business performance.  For more information on these services click the links below:

Onboarding and Implementation Services
RingCentral Managed Services
Consulting Services

Onboarding and implementation services

Launch your new RingCentral system to the company with no worries and no downtime to your IT organization. A Professional Services consultant will visit you on site and provide end-to-end project management until you successfully deploy the system.

Onboarding and implementation highlights:

• Pre-deployment consultations to understand your unique environment.
• Network readiness assessment to identify your implementation requirements.
• Personalized implementation and deployment plans designed specifically for your business needs.
• Hands-on training for administrators and users to ensure smooth onboarding.

Accelerated Onboarding & Implementation Services

 StandardAdvancedAdvanced Plus
Number of DLs2-2492-249250 or more
Onboarding Services
(up to 4 hours)
Onsite Planning & Design 
(one location only)
End-to-end Project Management 
Onsite DeploymentOptional*Optional*
*Available with additional fees based on the project scope.

RingCentral Managed Services

Your business depends on an efficient and sustainable business communications system. RingCentral Managed Services provides extensive support to ensure your RingCentral service is evolving with you, and your communications system is leveraging the best practices that drive business success.

Managed services highlights:

• Expedited technical support with heightened escalation process for timely resolutions.
• Proactive case management, network monitoring, and notifications keep you on top of every issue.
• Quarterly customized best practice recommendations to minimize phone downtime, business inefficiency, and improve IT performance.

Premium Support

Premium Support*

(up to 500 names users)

(up to 1,000 names users)

(up to 1,500 names users)

Ring Central Best Practices   
Designated Customer Success ManagerIncludedIncludedIncluded
Quarterly Business ReviewIncludedIncludedIncluded
Unlimited Live Training WebinarsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Live Services & Support   
Access to expert technicians via phone, web, and chat24x724x724x7
Single resource for RingCentral service expertiseIncludedIncludedIncluded
Priority call routingIncludedIncludedIncluded
Priority case routingn/an/aIncluded
Direct tier-2 supportup to 5 cases per monthup to 10 cases per monthup to 15 cases per month
Quarterly Onsite Network assessment1 location1 location1 location
# of customer-designated contacts223
On-Demand Professional Services   
Phone Consulting from Professional Services ExpertsUp to 2 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 6 hours
Professional Services (design, planning, implementation, customization, etc.)10%
Discount on rate
Discount on rate
Discount on rate
Education and Training   
Self-learning WebinarsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Instructor-lead courses (fee applied)OptionalOptionalIncluded (RingCentral facility)
Add-on Diagnostic Service
Network Performance Monitoring200$
*Requires minimum of 1 year contract
**You may avail of additional services at a 75$/15min rate 

Consulting Services

Consult with us during times of transition

Contact us when your core business mission changes, when you plan to expand or pull back your business significantly, after an acquisition or merger, or when you’ve had an extensive organizational overhaul. Professional Services can work with you to assess your current situation and design a communications strategy to serve your new goals.

We offer extensive planning and design services to ensure your RingCentral service is evolving with you, including in-depth network mapping or remapping, comprehensive discovery and assessments based on your updated business requirements, and detailed reviews of your call routing processes as they map to your front office needs.

Consult with us to optimize your app development projects

As you enter the intense new world of integrated applications, you can rely on our expertise in custom development and integration automation. Contact us for developer support, testing, knowledge transfer, and training. Our team of cloud-domain experts can provide the guidance, project management, and even custom packaged applications that ensure your integrated app fully supports your business requirements.


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