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RingCentral Phones Function Keys: * and # Codes

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SummaryHow do I use the function keys on my RingCentral provisioned deskphones?

The following function keys can be used with RingCentral provisioned phones.

NOTE: These commands work with any RingCentral Phone and may be used on the RingCentral for desktop app.
* and # Codes 
Function Keys
What it does
*When you are calling your extension or Direct Number, press * to open the RingCentral Interactive Voice Response
*1-8During an active call, press *1 up to 8, to initiate Call Flip
*9During an active call, press *9 to Start / End the Call Recording. See On-Demand Call Recording.
*67 + 10 Digit NumberWhen placing an outgoing call, dialing *67 before the 10 Digit Number will Block your outgoing caller ID on a per call basis
*85 + Ext NumberWhen placing an outgoing call to another Extension, dialing *85 before the Extension Number will place an Intercom call

Example: (*85102 for Ext 102)
*86Dialing *86 on your RingCentral provisioned Desk phone will allow you to listen to your Voice Messages over the phone. 

For more information, see Listening to Voicemail Messages Over the Phone.
*800-899Press * and then the Park Location Extension (ext 800 to 899) to pick up a Parked Call.

For more information, see Parking a Call on your RingCentral Phone.
*69Call Return - Calls last incoming call even if unknown
*37Press *37 to toggle your Do-Not-Disturb and Call Queue availability.
##During an active call, press ## to place your call on hold.
Cisco: Blind Transfer key | *0 | Ext number

Polycom: Transfer key | Blind key | *0 | Ext
Sends caller to Voicemail
## Ext * or ## Ext #Blind Transfer from any phone.
For more information, see Transferring a Call Using Touch Tone Command.
NOTE: Blind transfers only show the originating Caller ID
##*3During an active call, press ##*3 to Park a call

For more information, see Parking a Call on your RingCentral Phone.
##*1<10 Digit Number>This will transfer the call externally showing the caller ID of the transferring party.
## Ext #This will transfer the call internally showing the original caller's ID, not the extension transferring it
If you are calling an extension and press the # key, it sends you directly to that extension's voicemail without having to speak to the person. 

NOTE: This command does not apply to Call Queues.

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