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RingCentral DTMF Codes - * and # Commands

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SummaryThis article shows the list codes and shortcuts that you can use on your RingCentral phones to perform certain functions such as transferring calls, call recording and etc.

RingCentral DTMF Codes -  * and # Commands

You may use these codes / shortcuts on any RingCentral provisioned desk phones or RingCentral Phone for Desktop and Mobile. 
Open the Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
When calling your extension or Direct Number, press * to open the RingCentral Interactive Voice Response.
Call Flip
During an active call, press *1 up to 8,  to initiate Call Flip.
Call Recording Start / End
During an active call, press *9  to Start / End the Call Recording. See On-Demand Call Recording.
Caller ID Block
  *67 + 10 Digit Number
When placing an outgoing call, dial *67 before the 10 Digit Number to Block your outgoing caller ID on a per call basis.
Intercom Call
  *85 + Ext Number
Dial *85 to initiate an Intercom call

Example:  (*85102 for Ext 102)
Dial *86 on your RingCentral Desk phone to listen to your Voice Messages over the phone. 

For more information, see  Checking your voicemail over the phone | RingCentral.
Call Park  
Press * and then the Park Location Extension (ext 800 to 899) to pick up a Parked Call.

For more information, see Parking a Call on your RingCentral Phone.
Call Return
Initiate an outgoing call to last incoming call in your Call logs.
Press *37 to toggle DND (Do-not-Disturb)

See Do-Not-Disturb and Call Queue availability for more information.
Press ## to place an active call on hold.
Transfer to Voicemail
  Cisco: Blind Transfer key | *0 | Ext number

  Polycom: Transfer key | Blind key | *0 | Ext
Sends caller directly to Voicemail.
Blind Transfer
  ## Ext * or ## Ext #
Blind Transfer from any phone.
Call Park
Press ##*3 to Park a call an active call.

For more information, see  Parking a Call on your RingCentral Phone.
External Transfer
  ##*1<10 Digit Number>
This will transfer the call externally showing the original caller's ID, not the extension transferring it.
Internal Transfer
  ## Ext #
This will transfer the call internally showing the original caller's ID, not the extension transferring it.
Connect Directly to Voicemail
When calling an extension, press the # key to go directly to the extension's voicemail. 

NOTE: This command does not apply to Call Queues.
  *84 + group number + #
If your phone does not have a softkey for paging, you may dial *84  followed by the Group Number + # .

Make your announcement and hang up when finished.
Mute Conference Bridge Music
If you are the only participant on a RingCentral Conferencing Bridge, *#903# will mute the hold music.


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