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SummaryThe Yealink W52P cordless phone can be paired to up to 4 handsets when used with RingCentral.

Yealink W52P | Handset Registration (Pairing)

NOTE: You can download the Yealink W56P / W56H Quick Start Guide (PDF file) for steps on pairing the W56P base with the W56H handset (see Handset Registration).

1. Long press the Wireless button on the base until it begins to flash. The LED light slowly flashes, indicating the base station is in the registration mode.

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2. Press the OK button on the handset to access the Directory.

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3. Using the Navigation keys, select and press Settings.

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4. Select Registration > Register Handset.

5. Select Base1

6. The handset will try to search for the base. Once found, press OK.

7. Enter the system PIN (default: 0000) and then press Done.

NOTE: When the registration is successful, the handset LCD screen displays, "Handset Subscribed" and "Base NO. (last 4 characters of the connected Base's MAC address)." Check if your base station is powered on if the handset LCD screen displays "Searching for Base" instead.​

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