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RingCentral Reports: Scheduled Reporting

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SummaryWhat is Scheduled Reporting? How can I access and configure Scheduled Reports using my RingCentral Online account?
RingCentral Scheduled Reports aids managers in optimizing the advantages of the RingCentral phone system by presenting historical usage data and trending metrics in an easy-to-read graphical format. Scheduled Reports are sent to indicated email addresses on a set schedule. Five reports can be selected, such as Summary, Queue Activity, User Activity, Phone Number, and Call Detail, depending on the user's needs.
NOTE: Scheduled Reports feature is available to US, Canada, and UK customers who have Premium and Ultimate editions.

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Using Scheduled Reporting 
View how Account Administrators can access Scheduled Reports using the Online account, and how the settings can be configured.

Sample Email
See how a sample Scheduled Reports email looks like.

Sample Excel Report
View a sample Excel report.

Sample PDF Report
Look at a sample PDF report.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Check the answers to commonly asked questions about Scheduled Reporting.

Using Scheduled Reporting

Account Administrators can access and/or configure Scheduled Reports settings by following the steps below:

Step 1:

Log in to the RingCentral Online account as an Administrator.

Step 2:

Go to Reports > Historical Reports.

User-added image

Step 3:

Click the Subscribe icon User-added image.

User-added image

Step 4:

Enter the Subscription information, then click SAVE.
The table below lists the information that you need to provide or select on the Subscription window.

User-added image

Subscription InformationDescription
Report NameEnter the name of your report (required).
Email delivery scheduleSelect when you prefer to receive your report: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
Reports to includeChoose from up to 5 reports you can include in your subscription: Summary, Queue Activity, User Activity, Phone Number, and Call Detail.
File typeSelect between a PDF or an Excel report format.

NOTE: Limited data will be delivered via PDF. Select Excel if you want to see more.

Email the reports toEnter the email address/es where the reports will be delivered to.

NOTE: A report can be sent to up to 10 recipients. Non-RingCentral users can be added.

Add one more emailClick this option to add email address recipient/s.

Click Add one more email, then type the email address in the text box.

Step 5:

Click OK to confirm your subscription.

User-added image

Step 6:

Click the Subscribe icon User-added image to view your subscriptions.

User-added image

Step 7:

Manage your subscriptions from this page. You can add more report subscriptions, search for a subscription, modify, or delete a subscription.

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Click BACK to exit this view.

Sample Email

The image below shows how a Scheduled Reports email looks like. Each section in a report is a separate sheet in an attachment.

Sample Email

Sample Excel report

View a sample Excel report below. An Excel report looks like what is provided when a report is exported.

Sample Excel report

Sample PDF report

The image below is an example of how a PDF report looks like.

Sample PDF report

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many reports can I include in a single subscription?

You may select up to 5 reports.

2. How many email addresses can I send a single report to?

You can send a report to up to 10 email addresses.

3. Do the recipients have to be RingCentral users?

No, non-RingCentral users can also receive reports. Simply add the email address by typing it under Email the reports to or by clicking Add one more email, then click SAVE

4. When do reports get delivered?

Reports are delivered after 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

5. What formats are supported?

PDF and Excel are supported at this time.

6. Are there any data restrictions for delivery?

Yes, Excel reports with more than 250,000 records will be truncated. Users will need to log in to their RingCentral Online accounts in order to view more data. PDF reports will show limited data as a snapshot.

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