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RingCentral Phone - Non-Admin Install

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SummaryThe RingCentral Phone lets you install the application without administrative permissions.

Non-Admin Installation

The RingCentral Phone (version 9.0 and higher) supports a non-admin installer that allows users to install the app on a Windows PC without the need for desktop administrative permissions for fresh installs and upgrades from 9.0 to a higher version.

After the upgrade to 9.0 version, all Office Premium and Ultimate plan customers will automatically get the non-admin install functionality. It's not controlled by admin web portal settings. However, Users that are upgrading from version 8.x or lower to version 9.0 or higher will need to grant desktop administrative permissions once in order for the 8.x or lower version to be uninstalled.

Important Changes and Limitations

1. New Installation Path

Microsoft Active Directory installation continues to be supported as well allowing IT administrators to install the RingCentral Phone remotely. There is a new default installation path:

C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\Local\Ringcentral\SoftPhoneApp

NOTE: Users will no longer be able to customize or change the default installation path.

2. Disabled features when using Non-Admin Install

When using the non-admin installer, these features are disabled by default but can be enabled via the RingCentral Phone settings and will require the users to enter the computer’s admin password.  

Print to fax

Can be enabled in Settings > Messages.

Settings - Messages

Click-to-call features (Call to: / Fax: / Tel:)

Can be enabled in Settings > General. Click Apply.

Settings - General - Apply

NOTE: When the RingCentral Phone is installed by the IT administrator using Microsoft Active Directory installation (per-Machine mode option) the app is installed with admin permissions and therefore the features above are enabled by default.

3. Downgrading the RingCentral Phone Version

Previously it was possible to downgrade the RingCentral Phone from a new version to an older version by running the installer of the older version without having to first uninstall the newer version. With the app (9.0 and higher) users will first need to uninstall the new version and then install the older version.

4. Upgrading from version 8.x or lower to version 9.0 or higher

Upgrading from version 8.x or lower to version 9.0 or higher will need desktop administrative permissions this one time in order for the 8.x or lower version to be uninstalled.

5. Microsoft Active directory IT installation

The RingCentral Phone can be installed using Microsoft Active Directory installation from the command line using additional options.

This is done by launching the command line or "cmd" process and executing the following command:

msiexec /i InstallPackage.msi </additional options> <additional parameters = their values>

Where InstallPackage.msi equals to application installer package name.

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