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SummaryRingCentral Live Reports equips decision-makers of organizations by providing access to reports on inbound and outbound calls close to real-time. The data, representing usage statistics, is displayed graphically on dashboards. Live Reports can be accessed on the RingCentral Online account and RingCentral Phone for Mobile or via dedicated websites.

Live Reports | Overview

RingCentral Live Reports empowers your organization's decision-makers by providing access to reports on inbound and outbound calls close to real-time which can be displayed on dashboards. This feature helps you optimize the advantages of your phone system by presenting usage analysis and trending metrics in an easy-to-read graphical format. With separate views and several filtering options, you can target your report to reveal exactly what you want to know to increase your business performance.

IMPORTANT: Live Reports provide graphical representations of usage statistics close to real-time; Call logs show raw data of all the incoming and outgoing calls and faxes made by the entire account; while Reports display a graphical analysis of the account's usage statistics for the past 24 hours.

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How it works 
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Managing Access to Live Reports 
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 Over 30 metrics available, both inbound and outbound calls are supported.

 Real-time reporting on queues, with aggregated data available for up to 24 hours.

 Create and manage multiple dashboards.

 Easily manage dashboards: drag and drop widgets to create and configure dashboards.

 Service Level identification and management.

 Show data for Queue level visibility, such as customers waiting, SLA, and AHT.

 Show data for Agent level visibility, such as status, talk time, hold time, transfer rate, and call count.

 Set privacy settings: make multiple dashboards visible to anyone or visible only to the owner (only the owner can edit a dashboard).

 Access Live Reports via the RingCentral Online accountRingCentral Phone for Mobile, or through dedicated Live Reports websites.

 Wallboard view: display the dashboard on a big screen.

 Data export capabilities.

 Supports RingCentral permissions (no access, read-only full access).


• Changes to Live Reports will take effect after 4 hours on the RingCentral Online account. This means that changes in queues' names, agents' names, extensions' names, adding agents to queues, deleting queues or agents, switching or assigning agents or queues sites, agents work hours, and similar changes do not appear in Live Reports immediately.

For example, when a User is added to a queue or the site for a queue is changed, the customer will have to wait up to 4 hours for that change to be reflected in Live Reports.

• Special characters are NOT supported in RingCentral Live Reports. To avoid any issues when generating reports for agents, make sure that you have removed any special characters on agents' names before generating a report.

• Live Reports keep data for only 24 hours starting from now, any older data is dropped.

Live Reports get aligned with the RingCentral Online account, which is also aligned with the RingCentral Phone for Desktop status. However, only the Do Not Disturb (DND) status results in the Online account get updated from available to unavailable.

• For Multi-Site enabled accounts, Live reports will only display information for sites that are assigned or enabled to the User. The User may view the data for all Sites if they are assigned to the Main Company Site. For more information on viewing Multiple Sites in Live Reports, go to View Data for Multiple Sites in Live Reports | Multi-Site Support.

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How it works

When Live Reports Beta is enabled for your account, a new drop-down under Reports will appear.

Live Reports enabled

Users with administrative access can create and customize reports based on metrics such as Service Level, Call Volume, Agents Count, Agent Details, Queue Monitor, Queue Details, and Queue Calls.

Live Reports get aligned with RingCentral Online account and RingCentral Phone for Desktop status in real-time. 

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Live Reports is available as a paid add-on for any RingCentral Office customers in the US, Canada, and UK. RingCentral customers in Europe can sign up for test accounts.

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Accessing Live Reports

A new drop-down appears under Reports once Live Reports is enabled on your account. Account administrators and Users with administrative privileges can follow the steps below to access Live Reports through the RingCentral Online account, RingCentral Phone for Mobile, or through the Live Reports site.

There are 3 ways to access Live Reports, select one:

Access Live Reports using your RingCentral Online account 
Access the Live Reports website 
Access Live Reports using your RingCentral Phone for Mobile

Access Live Reports using your Online account

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online account.

2. Admin Portal is automatically displayed. Click Reports, then click Live Reports.

NOTE: Access to Live Reports is controlled via roles and permissions as set by the Group Manager.

Click Reports, then click Live Reports.

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Access the Live Reports website 

1. Go to any of the websites below:

• live.ringcentral.com
• live.ringcentral.co.uk
• live.ringcentral.eu

2. Enter your RingCentral login credentials, then click Log In.

NOTE: You will not be asked to sign in to this page if you are already logged in to your RingCentral Online account.

Live Reports website Login screen

The Live Reports dashboard is now loaded.

Live Reports website

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Access Live Reports using your RingCentral Phone for Mobile

1. Launch the RingCentral Phone for Mobile on your device.

2. Tap your Profile picture.

Tap your Profile picture.

3. Scroll down, then tap Reports.

Scroll down, then tap Reports.


4. Depending on your assigned User role and permissions, you will see a different screen. Users with administrative access will see Historical ReportsLive Reports, and Quality of Service.

Tap Live Reports.

Tap Live Reports.

On the other hand, Users who only have Live Reports permission will be taken directly to the Live Reports page.

Users who only have Live Reports permission will be taken diretly to the Live Reports page.

5. Tap the Refresh button to reload the data. Tap Done to exit the screen.

Live Reports screen


Managing Access to Live Reports

There is a separate section available in the permissions list of a role which controls the access to Live Reports. Currently, two permissions are available:

Live Reports - View Only allows viewing of dashboards shared by other Users.
Live Reports - Full Access grants configuration capabilities over Live Reports.

Those with Super Admin roles have full access to Live Reports by default. The following roles do not have an access to Live Reports by default:

Standard International

To customize default roles, create new roles for your Users and grant proper permissions. For instance, if you would like your agents to have an access to the shared dashboard, create a new role based on the Standard role and enable Live Reports - View Only permission for it.

The image below shows where the Live Reports permissions can be seen on a Phone System Admin Roles screen.

Live Reports as seen in a Phone System Admin Role screen

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