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RingCentral Limited Extension Overview

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SummaryRingCentral limited extension is an extension offered with a lower price and a limited feature set compared to a full extension. Listed below are the different features and limitations of a limited extension. Click on the links below to learn more about adding and setting up the limited extension


RingCentral Limited Extension Overview

The RingCentral Limited Extension is an extension with limited features. Limited Extension is available for RingCentral Office Standard, Premium or Ultimate


Key Features and Benefits

• Allows RingCentral Administrators the flexibility to purchase limited extensions for several common area phones that are not tied to a specific user (conference room, lobby, break room etc.)

• Limited feature set; Primarily used for making & receiving calls

• Administrators can control whether or not international calls are allowed

• Phone service with cloud call management/ extension calling

• Caller ID Setup

• Local Digital Line phone number/ device


• No Softphone/ RingCentral Phone or RingCentral Phone for Mobile use supported.

• No mailbox.

• Intercom paging is not supported.

• Switched off by default, contact RingCentral to enable adding a limited extension on your account:

US: 800-820-3676
Canada: 888-451-5074
UK: 0800-098-8136

• Faxing is NOT supported for Limited Extensions.

1. What is the difference between this extension type and a user extension?

This extension has limited features and is not tied to a User.

2. Does a Limited Extension count towards an account's number of extensions; for example if you have 19 users and add a Limited Extension, does the account now have 20 Digital Lines?

No. A Limited Extension does not count toward the plan.

3. Can I assign a regular User’s Unlimited Digital Line to a Limited Extension?

No. It is not possible to assign regular User’s Unlimited Digital Line to Limited Extension. Also, you cannot assign a Limited Extension Digital Line to a regular User

4. Can you put additional Virtual numbers on a Limited Extension?


5. How are the incoming calls to a Limited Extension handled?

The incoming call will be ringing for a pre-defined duration of 20 seconds on the device assigned to the Limited Extension. If not answered, it will be routed to a configurable Announcement and then be disconnected.

NOTE: A Limited Extension does not have a VoiceMail Box.

6. The User did not receive an email to activate the Limited Extension. How do I resend the Activation Email?

To re-send the Welcome Email, follow the steps below: 

NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps below make sure that you are already logged in to your RingCentral Account as an Administrator. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know more.

1. On the the Admin Portal, go to Phone System, then click Group(s) / Other(s).

2. Select the Others tab, and then click on the Resend Invitation link on the Limited Extension that you want to activate.
Alternatively, you can click on the Limited Extension, and then click on the Resend Welcome Email button under the Limited Extension Info screen.


For steps on how to add a limited extension: RingCentral Limited Extension | Add a Limited Extension
For steps on how to assign a limited extension to a user: RingCentral Limited Extension | Assign a Limited Extension
For steps on how to activate a limited extension: RingCentral Limited Extension | Activate a Limited Extension
For steps on how to set up and configure a limited extension: RingCentral Limited Extension | Set up a Limited Extension

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