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RingCentral App - Glip | Android | Updates

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SummaryThe RingCentral App provides a feature-rich experience that allows you to stay in the conversation and stay productive, while you’re on the go. This article describes the updates for the RingCentral App on Android.


RingCentral App - Glip | Android | Updates

Invite from native contact or email
Reply from push notifications
PDF / Doc viewing
Favorite a conversation
Save photos and share to other apps
Typing indicator
Retain draft posts

Invite from native contact or email - Invite people to your RingCentral App conversation from your phone's contact list. Use native Android contacts or email address to invite people into a RingCentral App team.

1. Tap the Plus button.

2. Tap Invite to RingCentral App.

3. Tap Invite from Contacts.

Reply from push notifications - Respond to RingCentral App messages on-the-go instantly without launching the app. 

PDF / Doc viewing - Open files inside the RingCentral App, such as PDF and Microsoft Office documents. Share those files to other  apps on your phone.

Tap on the file and open with an app in your Android device.

NOTE: The Android device must have a recommended document viewer app installed.

Favorite a conversation - No matter where you are, you can add important conversations to your Favorites list.

On Android: Select conversation > press and hold on the conversation > tap Add to Favorites.

Save photos and share to other apps - Download photos in RingCentral App, and share files across your other Android apps.

On Android: 

1. Tap the image.

2. Tap More (Kebab icon).

3. Select Open in... or Save.

Typing indicator - The typing indicator lets you know when someone is typing. This makes the conversation seem more like a real live conversation. It also helps avoid stepping on each other’s comments.

Retain draft posts - Unfinished posts are saved when you leave the conversation or even when you close the RingCentral app.


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