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Call Forward for unreachable phone

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SummaryHow do I forward calls for unreachable phone in case of an Internet Outage?

Call Forward for an unreachable phone is made possible in the event of an Internet Outage. When triggered, the call will be handled by the forwarded extension’s Call Handling & Message rules like Voicemail. Once the Internet is restored, the incoming calls will automatically resume to ring the User endpoint phone as usual.


•  Call Forward for unreachable phone is ONLY available for the following:
- Individual User Extensions that have desk phones and/or RingCentral Desktop App with a Digital Line
- Virtual Extensions with Call Forwarding to desk phones and/or RingCentral Desktop App with a Digital Line
- Shared Line Group

•  A User should have the RingCentral Mobile and Desktop App notifications in Call handling disabled or turned OFF.

•  A User/Extension should have at least one (1) desk phone or a Digital Line in Call Handling.

•  A User should NOT have PSTN destination in Call forwarding.

•  If a User has multiple desk phones and RingCentral Digital Lines, all of them MUST be unreachable to trigger this Call Forwarding feature.

•  If a Virtual Extension has forwarded to other User Digital Lines, then Call Forwarding can be triggered ONLY if all the forwarded endpoints are unreachable.

•  Call Forwarding destinations can ONLY be the following:
- Other Extension in the account
- External PSTN Number

•  Applicable for all operational rules (User/Business Hours, After Hours, Advanced Rules)

•  This feature is available to Ultimate and Premium plans, On-Demand. Contact support for more information on this feature.

NOTE:  This article assumes that you are already logged in into your online account. For Users with Administrator access or Account Administrators configuring for another User, go to Users > Users list, and then select a User. For Users or Account Administrators configuring their own Extension settings, go to Settings. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know how to log in to your online account.

Step 1:

Click Call Handling & Forwarding.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding.png

Step 2:

Under User Hours, click Edit under Call Forward for Unreachable Phone.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding - callforwardforunreachablephone

Step 3:

The Call Forward for unreachable phone pop-up window will appear. Toggle the button on Call Redirection to enable.

callforwardforunreachablephone 2

When enabled, this will allow calls to be forwarded when the User/Extension phone is unreachable

callforwardforunreachablephone 3

NOTE: Call Forward for unreachable phone feature is disabled by default. It will be turned OFF when Notify my Desktop App and Smartphone feature is enabled. If you also have call forwarding to any PSTN number, this option will not be usable.

Step 4:

For Call Forward Destination, select between Extension or Other Number.
User-added image
i. Extension - If Extension is selected, click on the radio-button of the User/Extension that you want the call to be forwarded to.
callforwardforunreachablephone 4
NOTE:  You can also enter the name of the User/Extension in the Search field and filter All Departments.

User-added image
ii. Other Number - If Other Number is selected, enter an external number.
User-added image

Step 5.

Click the Save button User-added image when done.
When specifications are NOT met, error messages may appear.
 When a PSTN number, the RingCentral Mobile and Desktop App notifications in Call handling are enabled or turned ON
callforwardforunreachablephone error 1
Fix: Make sure that the Desktop App & Smartphone App and any PSTN number is disabled or turned OFF on the Forwarding Numbers list.
callforwardforunreachablephone error fix 1

•  When a  User/Extension does NOT have deskphone or a Digital Line in Call Handling.

callforwardforunreachablephone error 2
Fix: Make sure that there is at least one (1) deskphone or a Digital Line added and enabled on the Forwarding Numbers list.

callforwardforunreachablephone error fix 2
To learn more about other Call Forwarding options, see Call Handling & Forwarding Overview.
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