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Setting the Company Phone Number Name or Label

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SummaryHow do I set a nickname on my company phone number?
Account Administrators can now set a name or label for Company Phone Numbers. This benefits large companies with multiple locations and lots of advanced call handling rules that involve selecting from a list of auto-receptionist numbers. When Company Phone Numbers are defined, it will help Users to identify which number to use from those numbers for advanced call handling rules, outbound caller ID, etc.

Follow the steps below to learn how to set the Company Phone Number name or label.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click on Phone Numbers under Phone System and then, click on the phone number you want to modify under Company.

phone systems - phone numbers

NOTE: See Adding Phone Numbers to Your RingCentral Account to know how to add phone numbers to your account. 

Step 3:

Enter the preferred name or label in the space provided and then, click Save

phone systems - phone numbers edit

Once set, the name will now be displayed when setting Outbound Caller ID, on Advanced Call Handling rules or changing Phone Numbers.

NOTE:  You can also set the Number Type for the phone. When set, it will control the activity the phone can receive. You can select between Voice and Fax or select both.

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Outbound Caller ID on User Settings

Outbound Caller ID on User Settings

See Setting a User's Outbound Caller ID to learn more.

Outbound Caller ID on Templates

Outbound Caller ID on Templates

See Creating Templates to learn how to set Outbound Caller ID via Templates.

Advanced Call Handling Rule: Called Number condition (User Settings)

Advanced Call Handling Rule: Called Number condition (User Settings)

See Setting a Rule Based on a Called Number to learn more.

Advanced Call Handling Rule: Called Number condition (Auto-Receptionist)

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See Setting Up Advanced Company Call Handling Rules via the Auto-Receptionist to learn more.

Changing assigned Phone Numbers

Changing assigned Phone Numbers

See Changing a Phone number assigned to a Desk phone for more information.

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