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RingCentral Phone - Set nickname or label for Caller ID numbers

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SummaryRingCentral for Desktop: Nicknames for Caller ID numbers
RingCentral Company Phone Numbers can be assigned a different name or label. It helps both the Account Administrator and Users to easily locate the number when configuring the advanced call handling rules, outbound Caller ID, or reassigning a direct line. This feature helps you save time spent in going through a long list of numbers in your RingCentral Online account, RingCentral for Desktop and Mobile App.

When the Administrator assigns or changes a Phone Number's name or label, it gets synchronized on your RingCentral phone system. When viewing your RingCentral for Desktop, you will see updated labels in the following sections:

Dropdown in dial pad

Phone Number Names or labels displayed in the Desktop app dial pad dropdown

Outbound Caller ID Settings

You can access this by going to Settings > Calls > Outgoing > Outbound Caller ID.

User-added image Settings > Calls > Outgoing > Outbound Caller ID


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