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SummaryThis article provides information about the HIPAA Setting for RingCentral Glip. The RingCentral HIPAA Setting (HS) is a functionality designed to delete information, in support of your HIPAA compliance efforts.

Glip: HIPAA Setting 

RingCentral Office already offers healthcare organizations a unified communications solution that allows HIPAA-regulated customers to use RingCentral from many devices while still supporting HIPAA compliance.
RingCentral Glip through the activation of the HIPAA Setting will enforce temporary-only storage of the Glip data, including content, time and date of messages, text messages, tasks, notes, files, images, links, events, call activities, and/or posts from third party integrated applications. Glip is a robust team messaging workspace that includes full voice, conferencing, file-sharing and task management. 
Glip will enable healthcare professionals to collaborate in real-time, optimizing communication with their patients and peers, reducing wait times, miscommunication, and administrative costs. This all leads to better patient outcomes.
Healthcare providers can use Glip anywhere, anytime using the desktop, browser, or mobile apps.
IMPORTANT: Please use your RingCentral Office login credentials to sign in. See Glip: Logging in using your RingCentral Credentials to learn how.


Desktop App and Mobile App

• Glip via RingCentral Desktop App

• Glip: Mobile 

Data Retention Policy

• RingCentral Office data will be deleted after 30 days.
• Invite emails and password reset emails are now enabled.
• Glip Today emails and notifications e-mail containing content (conversation posts, at-mention posts, etc) are disabled.


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