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RingCentral Webinar - Promote an Attendee to be a Panelist

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SummaryHow do I promote a RingCentral Webinar Attendee to be a Panelist?
During the RingCentral Webinar a Host can momentarily promote an Attendee to be a Panelist so they can turn on their audio and video.

Follow the steps below to learn how to promote an Attendee.

NOTE: This article assumes that you are already logged in as the host of your Webinar.

Step 1:

Click Participants.

Webinar promote - Participants

Step 2:

Click on the name of the attendee and select Promote to Panelist.

Webinar promote - promote to panelist

NOTE:  If you wish to change an Attendee from being a Panelist, select Participants > select Panelist under Panelist list > More > Change Role to Viewer.

Webinar promote - change role to viewer
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