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RingCentral Webinar Raise Hand Feature

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SummaryRingCentral Webinar Raise Hand Feature
The Raise Hand feature in RingCentral Webinar allows attendees to raise their hand to be prompted to panelists. This can be useful for promoting attendees that wish to speak or when you want to have a quick survey.

This article will guide Webinar Attendees on how to use the Raise Hand feature during a Webinar.


As an attendee, simply select "Raise Hand" to notify the Webinar panelists. On the top left of the Webinar Screen click the Raise Hand button.

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You may click Lower Hand to stop the raised hand notification on the panelists.

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As a panelist, you will be notified when an attendee raises their hand. Click Participants to open the participants window.

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On the Participants window you may assign the attendee as a panelist by clicking Promote to Panelist. You may also click the More button for to either to Chat with, Lower Hand, or Remove the attendee.

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If multiple attendees activated the Raise Hand feature, you can lower all of their hands by clicking Lower All Hands.
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