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RingCentral Webinar - Question and Answer Feature Overview

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SummaryRingCentral Webinar Question & Answer Feature

During a Webinar, Attendees may ask questions to be addressed by the panelists.  This article will guide you on how to ask questions as a participant and how to answer questions as a panelist.


To ask a question:

During a webinar click the Questions and Answers button on the top-left corner. Input your question on the space provided and click Send to send the question.

NOTE: You may also select the box beside Send Anonymously to ask the question anonymously.

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The attendee will be notified if the panelist wants to answer the question live.

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If the Panelist answers by text, the attendee will see the panelist's reply to the question. The attendee may continue asking more questions on the same Questions and Answers window.

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How to answer questions:

During the Webinar, the host will see a new question has been asked by a notification seen in their Control Bar. Click the Q&A button to open the Q&A window.

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On the Q&A window, click the Open tab to address the unanswered questions. You may choose to Answer Live or Answer by Text.
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Answering the question live will remain as "You would like to answer this question live." until you select Done.

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Clicking Answer by text allows you to reply via message. Click Submit to send your answer publicly or alternatively, you may answer the question privately by clicking "Send Privately" before clicking Submit. This privately sent message will only appear in the Q&A of the user who asked the question.

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After the host has answered the question, it will be moved to the "Answered" tab where it will note that you have already answered the question.
If you want to return to an answered question, click on the Answered tab and you may select to Answer live or Answer by text.

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After the Webinar is completed, the host can view the report of the Q&A. For more information on RingCentral Webinar Reporting, go to RingCentral Webinar Reporting.
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