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Resolved: Documents Tab Back Icon Unresponsive on RingCentral Mobile App Version 9.0.2

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SummaryHow do I resolve the issue with the back icon becoming unresponsive on the Documents tab for the ringcentral mobile app?

This issue is resolved

There is an issue with Back icon on the Documents tab of the RingCentral Mobile App becoming unresponsive. This is true for iOS users with the RingCentral Mobile App version 9.0.2. Users are unable to go back to the previous menu after downloading a file on the Documents tab.

documets tab

How do I resolve this? 

The workaround for this issue is to kill the RingCentral Mobile app and relaunch this on your device.

When would this issue be resolved?

The issue should be resolved with the next release of RingCentral Mobile App version 9.0.3.
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