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Manually Upgrading your Yealink W52P Device

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SummaryMy Yealink device is not working, what should I do? How do I manually upgrade my Yealink W52P's firmware version?

An update is released to enhance the performance of your Yealink W52P with the RingCentral phone system. Updates are automatic and there is no need to make any changes on your phones. However, there may be circumstances when the update does not push on your end. It may be possible to receive and make calls, but changes in your RingCentral Online account do not reflect on your Yealink device. Updating your device's firmware version will resolve the issue.

This article teaches how you can check your Yealink's firmware version and walks you through manually updating your Yealink device if needed.

Checking the Base IP address of your Yealink device 

In order to check the Base IP address of your Yealink device, make sure the phone is on and the cables are properly connected. Follow the steps below to check the Base IP address of your Yealink device:

Step 1:

On your handset menu:
Press OK > Status > Base > IP.

Step 2:

Take note of the IP address displayed.

Checking the Firmware Version of your Yealink device

Updating your Yealink W52P's firmware version requires you to open the device's page on your computer's internet browser. Use a computer that is connected to the same RingCentral network. You will need to check whether you have the latest firmware, and if not, you have to manually update your device's firmware.

Follow the steps below to check if your Yealink device needs to be manually updated:

Step 1:

On your computer, open your browser. Type the Base IP address on the address bar, then press Enter.

Step 2:

The Yealink Web Interface should appear and you will be prompted to enter a Username and Password. 

Enter the following information:

Username: admin 
Password: admin

Click Confirm.

NOTE: If the Username and Password did not work, please call RingCentral Support to get this information.

Enter the Username and Password.

Step 3:

Click the Phone tab, then click Upgrade on the left menu. 

Click the Phone tab, then click Upgrade on the left menu.

Step 4:

Check the Firmware Version.

If the version is, then there is no need to update your device.

If the version is lower than, then you need to manually update your Yealink's firmware.

NOTE:  Phones with lower versions may not be able to receive an email for any future firmware updates. 

The image below indicates that the firmware needs to be updated.

Check the Firmware Version.

Manually updating your Yealink device's firmware

Follow the steps below to continue manually updating your Yealink W52P's firmware version.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a good Internet connection when doing a manual firmware update.

Step 1:

Download and save the firmware on your Desktop or preferred folder.

Step 2:

Click Browse, then locate the firmware where you saved it earlier.

Click Browse, then locate the firmware where you saved it earlier.

Step 3:

Click the Upgrade button, then wait until the base has been upgraded.

NOTE: A dialog box appears with this notification: “Firmware of the SIP Phone will be updated. It will take 10 minutes to complete. Please don’t power off!”

Step 4:

Click OK to confirm upgrading which takes a few minutes.

The power indicator LED on the base station flashes during the firmware upgrading process, which is normal.

The base station reboots automatically once the upgrade has been successful. The handset will be automatically registered to the base station.

Step 5:

If the update does not work on your end, call Support.


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