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RingCentral Meetings: Schedule Meetings for Another Host

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SummaryHow do I schedule a meeting for another host?
Schedule Meetings for Another Host in RingCentral Meetings allows Users to grant other Users to schedule a meeting on behalf of them. This simplifies the process of scheduling meetings without the need of logging into different accounts or hosting meetings for others. For example, a Boss can assign his/her Executive Assistant to schedule meetings for them. 

To use this feature, original Hosts/Users need to authorize another User/s through their RingCentral Online Account first.  Both assigner and assignee should log in to RingCentral Meetings at least once for seamless activation of the feature.

Step 1:

Log in to your RingCentral Online account.

Step 2:

Click Settings, and then click on your User Details.

sw settings user

NOTE:  If you are logged in as an Administrator, you may click on the drop-down arrow and select My Extension before clicking on Settings > User Details

admin - my extension

QUICK TIP: Account Administrators can also authorize for their Users who would want others to schedule meetings on behalf of them. Account Administrators can go via the Users tab, and then select the User.

Step 3:

Click Schedule Meetings for Me.

user details - settings permissions - schedule meetings for me edit

Step 4:

Tick on the checkbox of the User/s you want to grant permission to schedule meetings for you, and then click Save.

sw settings user schedule meetings for me select

Assigned User/s who have been authorized can now schedule a meeting for the original Host/User on RingCentral Meetings. Assigned User/s can expand the Advanced Options under Meeting Options, tick the Schedule for: checkbox, and select the original Host/User whom they are scheduling a meeting for.

NOTE:  When Schedule for: checkbox is ticked and the original Host/User is selected, the topic will also change in favor of the selected original Host/User.

sw settings user schedule meetings for me schedule

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