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SummaryHow do I set up a rule based on the Called Number via the Auto-Receptionist?
Account Administrators can set up advanced or multi-conditional company call handling rules. These advanced rules can be based on the following conditions: Date and/or TimeCaller ID of Incoming Calls, and Called Number, which refers to the number a caller dialed. We will make use of the Called Number condition on this article.

The Called Number rule is based on the phone number your clients dialed; for example, a phone number you are using for a customer promotion campaign.

Step 1:

Step 2:

On the Admin Portal page, click Phone System.

setup rule based on called number - click phone system

Step 3:

Select Auto-Receptionist and click IVR Settings.

setup rule based on called number - click auto receptionist

Step 4: 

Click Custom Rule under Custom Answering Rules.

setup rule based on called number - click custom rule

Step 5:

Click Add Rule.

setup rule based on called number - click add rule

Step 6:

Enter Your Rule Name, and then click Next.

setup rule based on called number - enter rule name

Step 7:

Select Called Number, and then click Select Number.

Select called number

Step 8:

The rule is activated when callers dial the selected number. Select those numbers you want to handle with this custom rule by checking the box. Click Save to continue.

select number

Step 9:

Once done, click Next.

click next to proceed

Step 10:

Select which action to take when the incoming call matches the Rule. This can be set to either Play company greeting or Bypass greeting to go to an Extension.

select whether to play greeting or go to extension

Step 11:

Select either Connect to operator or Disconnect when no action has been taken by the caller.

select whether to disconnect or go to exntension

Step 12:

Click Done to save the custom rule.

click done to proceed
After you have created your custom rule for the based on the Called Number make sure validate this by clicking on Validate Rules. The Validate Rules feature helps determine that the Enabled rules have no duplicates or are not out of date.

validate rules

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