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SummaryHow do I setup a Messages-Only Extension for my Company Holiday Schedule Mailbox
Setting up a specific mailbox for voicemail messages during a company holiday is a convenient way to inform the caller that your company is on a holiday, and then allows the caller to leave you a message. To create this mailbox, you need to create a Messages-Only Extension as an Administrator.

Before proceeding to the steps below make sure that you have logged in to the RingCentral online account as an Administrator. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account, to learn more.

Follow the steps below to set up a company holiday mailbox.

Step 1:

On your RingCentral online account, go to Phone System > Groups > Others. Click + New Message-Only Extension.

New Message-Only Extension

Step 2:

Assign the Extension Number, Extension Name (example, 4th of July Mailbox), and add your email address. The activation link will be sent to that email address. Click Save.

Messages Only Extension Info

Step 4:

Click the activation link on the Activation Email .

email setup

Step 5:

Setup the Password, PIN and Security Question.  Click Done.

Setup messages only extension - password

Setup messages only extension - pin

Setup messages only extension - security question

NOTE: You will be redirected to that Messages-Only Extension’s account page. This means that your extension is already activated.

Step 6:

Click Settings > Messages & Notifications > Voicemail Greeting.

Setup messages only extension - voicemail greeting

Step 7:

Click Custom > Import. Here you can upload your pre-recorded Holiday greeting .wav or.mp4 file. > click Attach, then click Save.

Setup messages only extension - custom greeting

Click Browse then select the custom greeting for your Holiday Schedule.

Setup messages only extension - import custom greeting

Click Attach and then Save.

Setup messages only extension - click attach

Setup messages only extension -  click save

NOTE: Optionally, you can Record Over the Phone, or Record Using Computer Microphone.

Step 8:

Click Save.

Setup messages only extension - click save
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