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RingCentral Webinar - Known Usability Issues

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SummaryWhat are the known usability issues when using the RingCentral Webinar?
RingCentral Webinar is a RingCentral Meetings add-on that allows you to host large presentations for up to 3,000 attendees, such as all-hands, town hall meetings, sales and marketing events.

RingCentral has identified several usability issues, which will be addressed in the coming releases. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the usability of RingCentral Webinars.

Meeting List Shows Webinar Start Time in PDT Only

RingCentral Webinars can only display Webinar start time in the Meetings List in PDT even if you scheduled the Webinar for EST. We understand the issue and plan to address it in one of the upcoming RingCentral releases.

Adding New Polls in an Ongoing Webinar is Difficult

The polling feature for RingCentral Webinar allows you to ask questions during the webinar. We recommend setting up polls prior to the start of the webinar as you might encounter some difficulty adding new polls. This will happen because when you click on "Polling" and "+" you will be redirected to RingCentral sign-in page instead of adding polls within the RingCentral Meetings app. However, once you sign and navigate to Webinars page and Advanced Settings, you will be able to add new polls in the Polls section.

For more information on using the RingCentral Webinar polling feature, go to RingCentral Webinar Polling Feature.

Inviting Attendees and Panelists is Difficult When Setting up a Webinar

We are working to improve the invite attendee/panelist functionality. We believe you may experience difficulties finding how to invite attendees and panelists to the Webinar. Please review Inviting Users to a RingCentral Webinar for more information.

Webinar Settings Page Expiration

If you leave your Webinar Settings page up for more than 2 hours, this page will expire and will show a default RingCentral web page. You can resolve this issue by reloading the page.

Video Conferencing Room System Webinar Joining

H323 or SIP Room System will join a webinar as a Panelist by default. We are working diligently to diagnose and resolve this issue.
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